Shelving Brackets for Shipping Containers

Make the most of your storage space by adding shelves to your shipping container.

Adding shelves to your shipping container is a great way to maximize your storage space and keep it organized.

BigSteelBox rents and sells shelf brackets, and all our new containers are equipped with D-rings every 4-feet, making the addition of shelving to your shipping container quick and easy.

How many shelves can I add to my shipping container?

Our shelving brackets are designed to create 3 shelves. This allows you to add up to three levels of shelving to each side of a BigSteelBox in a variety of lengths depending on the size of the shipping container.

Shelving is a handy add-on to a BigSteelBox rental container because it allows you to stack items in sections and gives you a walkway down the middle.

How much weight can a shipping container bracket hold?

Shipping container shelves for storing toolsEach shipping container shelf bracket can hold up to 1,000 lbs. Using four brackets along one side of the BigSteelBox will hold up to 4,000 lbs., so storing heavy tools or equipment is not a problem.

Shelf brackets can be installed in minutes and once they are in place, use two 2X10 pieces of construction grade wood per shelf to create a 19″ deep shelf. (Note: lumber is not included in the rental or sale of the shelving brackets).

Why install shelving in a shipping container?

Many types of customers benefit from having shelves in their BigSteelBox. Shipping container shelves save our customers time and money by keeping their items safe and organized, plus they promote safety by keeping the walk space clear of hazards and minimizing the need to bend and lift items off the floor.

Here are just a few industries and types of organizations that find shipping container shelves very helpful:

And, of course, homeowners also find shelving is very useful to have in their storage containers, especially if they are using it during a home renovation or as a storage shed in their yard.

Learn more about renting or buying shipping container shelves here, or contact us today at 1-800-373-1187 to speak with a BigSteelBox Storage Consultant.

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