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Insulated Spray Foam for Shipping Containers

Insulate your BigSteelBox shipping container with a spray foam interior to protect your goods from extreme temperature fluctuations and/or excess condensation build up.

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What are the benefits of an adding spray foam insulation to a shipping container?

Insulating your modified shipping container with spray foam is the best way to avoid damage to sensitive goods, and to maintain a pleasant interior temperature if it is also heated or cooled.

Without proper insulation, extreme temperature fluctuations and moisture issues can form inside a container. Spray foam insulation prevents the risk of hot air, cold air, and moisture from reaching your stored goods, and it lasts.

Adding spray foam insulation behind any of the interior wall panel packages we offer will make your modified shipping container comfortable and efficient whether it will be used for storage or as a workspace or mobile office.

Modified shipping container with exposed spray foam on ceiling - BigSteelBox

How much insulation do you need?

Spray foam is often referenced by an “R Value”. R Value is the thermal resistance to heat flow. Spray Foam has a rating of approximately R6 per inch.

We offer 1 inch (R6) or 2 inches (R12) of spray foam insulation to the ceiling, or ceiling and walls of purchased new or used shipping containers of any size.

In mild and wet climates like coastal British Columbia, we recommend adding at least 1 inch of spray foam to your purchased BigSteelBox. In places with more extreme temperature fluctuations of hot and cold like Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario, we recommend adding at least 2 inches of spray foam.

Modified shipping container with exposed spray foam - BigSteelBox

Exposed Spray Foam

We highly recommend the purchase of spray foam if you’re adding heating or cooling to your modified container. Spray foam is a great option if you’re storing products such as technical equipment, paper or dry goods.

We offer 1 or 2 inches of spray foam insulation to the ceiling, or ceiling and walls of purchased new or used BigSteelBoxes of any size.

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