Convenient storage that's right outside your door.

Our handy storage solutions are perfect for schools and institutions that need secure storage nearby.

Why choose BigSteelBox for your institution's storage needs?

Storage container at a school

You have enough to manage each day! Leave your storage needs to us.

Many institutional sites (i.e. schools and churches), lack the necessary space to store maintenance equipment, seasonal items, excess furniture, or outdoor sports equipment so a shipping container is an ideal solution.

We can place a BigSteelBox just about anywhere, so your staff and volunteers can have secure, mobile storage close by should they need regular access to the contents inside. Call us today for pricing.

*Please note that for safety reasons, fuel tanks should always be empty while stored inside a container.


Let us know how we can solve your storage needs.

Seasonal Equipment

A BigSteelBox is perfect for storing track and field and gymnasium equipment. They’re also great for all kinds of maintenance equipment.*

Renovation Storage

Keeps things like desks, chairs, extra supplies, files, etc., safe and clean during a renovation. It will all be right outside your door if you need it.

Permanent Storage

We sell new and used shipping containers if you need a permanent storage solution. And we will place it just about anywhere you need it.

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