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Portable storage unit rentals made easy.

Photo of a BigSteelBox mobile storage container being delivered to a homeThe one thing all of our storage customers have in a common is the need for extra space.

They end up choosing to rent BigSteelBox storage containers mostly for convenience and flexibility, and because they need a trustworthy, secure storage rental solution that provides easy access to their things.

That’s the beauty of using a shipping container to solve your storage problem. Steel shipping containers are extremely secure and can stand up to the elements, but they're also built to move.

So, whether you want to keep your storage container on your property or at one of our secure locations, you always have the flexibility to have it delivered, picked up and moved on your schedule. 

Storage Containers at Your Home  

We can deliver a BigSteelBox just about anywhere. Whether you need it in your driveway, or in a tight spot next to a building, chances are we can make it fit.

Keeping a container at your home is ideal when you need quick and frequent access to your belongings. For instance, if you're planning a home reno, decluttering and staging your home to sell, or taking on a big landscaping project, renting a BigSteelBox as a temporary storage unit is the perfect solution.

Storage at Our Location

Photo of a BigSteelBox Storage FaciltyCan't keep a storage container at your home? Need storage in between homes during a move? No problem!

We'll bring a BigSteelBox moving storage container to you, you can load it up, then we'll move it back to our secure storage facility.  

With more convenient locations across Canada than any other mobile storage company, chances are we can solve your storage needs quickly and easily. 

Portable Storage You Can Trust

A BigSteelBox is wind, water, and rodent-proof, and fire-resistant, so your things will stay safe inside. The most common sized used for residential storage is a 20' shipping container, but we offer containers in a range of sizes from 8' to 40'. Learn more about choosing a Box size and the security features of each BigSteelBox shipping container.

At BigSteelBox, we go the extra mile for our customers. By listening to you and understanding your needs, we strive to deliver the right storage solution. We will work to solve problems and handle all the logistics for you. 

Call us at 1-800-373-1187 today for a free quote or request your free estimate online now!

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“If I ever needed to have something put into storage again, I would definitely choose BigSteelBox. I had my things in storage for 13 months and never once worried about the safety of my stuff. ”

-Gwen, BigSteelBox Customer