Modified Shipping Containers with Windows

When you purchase a BigSteelBox shipping container we can modify it to include one or more windows.

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Let light into your modified container by adding windows.

If you’re looking to purchase a storage container or a container that’s been modified into a workspace where you want plenty of light, windows are a great addition! We’ll add windows to your BigSteelBox that will be both tough and stylish!

Interior of a modified shipping container with windows - BigSteelBox

Add windows to your shipping container

Modifying a shipping container by adding one or more windows is a great way to let in some light and fresh air.

Our standard windows are 3′ x 4′. You won’t have to worry about it compromising its security because we offer the option of adding a steel Vandalism Guard, which prevents the window from being broken from the outside.

Shipping containers with windows make great storage units, offices or workshops. If you’re going to be working inside of your BigSteelBox, a window is a great add on. We will work with you to help with the layout of your container and choose the perfect location of your windows.

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