Shipping Container Modifications

Portable, durable offices and heated storage units built from steel shipping containers.

Shipping container modifications - BigSteelBoxBigSteelBox Structures has been modifying shipping containers for years, and we have developed a number of standard modifications that we can complete before the delivery of your BigSteelBox.

We rent and sell container site offices, and offer modifications that include spray foam insulation and lighting and heating packages on purchased containers.

Our portable offices and heated storage units are widely used by a variety of industries from mining and oil & gas to construction sites. Whether in a remote area or not, a modified BigSteelBox provides a mobile solution to all kinds of unique storage challenges.

When you choose a building that has been constructed by modifying a steel shipping container, you will receive a building that is stronger and more durable than a wood-frame building or trailer. Not only is the foundational structure more solid, but BigSteelBoxes are built for ocean shipping and withstanding the elements, so they are easier to move and will last much longer than a trailer.

Modified Shipping Container Sizes

We sell modified shipping containers in a variety of sizes, including 8', 10', 20' and 40'.

If you're wondering what size shipping container you need, or you need the exact internal and external measurements of a BigSteelBox shipping containers visit our Shipping Container Sizes page.

We may also have special sizes available, such as high cubes or modified containers that are heated or insulated, so contact your local BigSteelBox Store to find out how we can help you find the right container for your storage needs.

For more information on buying a modified shipping container, please call 1-800-373-1187.

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