Getting your patio ready for winter just got easier.

When it's time to put things in storage, give us a call. You load the furniture, we'll put it in storage, and you won't even have to leave the restaurant. Simple.

Why choose BigSteelBox for your restaurant's storage needs?

Restaurant patio furniture - storage from BigSteelBox

We’ll help your restaurant shift from spring and summer, to fall and winter with ease.

Many customers who operate restaurants with outdoor patios will have a BigSteelBox dropped off in the fall. They’ll spend a few days loading it with seasonal furniture and decorative items, and then have us move it to our secure storage facility to store over the winter.

This is especially valuable for restaurants who invest heavily in their outdoor furniture. Leaving it outside and exposed to the harsh winter elements will cause damage and shorten the product’s life.

As soon as spring arrives, we’ll deliver your BigSteelBox again so the patio can be opened for the season. Your furniture will look just as good in May as it did when it was packed in September! Call us today for pricing:


We've got your restaurant's storage needs covered.


We’ll deliver a BigSteelBox to your location so it will be right outside your door. This makes loading it quick and easy for your staff.

Professional Look

We understand that image is important to your restaurant. Your rented BigSteelBox will always arrive looking clean and professional.

Protects Investments

Quality outdoor furniture is expensive. Protect it by keeping it out of the winter elements in a weather and rodent-proof BigSteelBox.

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