Partnerships, Mergers & Acquisitions

Growing and expanding our ability to serve

BigSteelBox specializes in renting and selling shipping containers for residential and commercial moving and storage in Canada. Currently, we have more locations across Canada than any other mobile storage company, however, we’re always looking to expand our ability to serve our customers.

While we frequently start new stores from the ground up, we’re also interested in partnering or acquiring. If you own a Canadian company that prioritizes quality, customer service, and integrity, we want to talk to you!

One of our core company values is, “We are People of Character: Our business is built on a foundation of trust. We honour our commitments, communicate with transparency, and never compromise our integrity.”

As such, you can expect a fair, streamlined process when collaborating with us. Whether we are creating a partnership to jointly serve customers, or assessing the alignment of our two companies from an acquisition standpoint, we treat owners with the utmost respect. Your inquiry will be handled in an efficient, and professional manner, regardless of your business’s location or size.

For inquiries, please send your full name, company name and contact information to:
Brian Hawkins, CEO
[email protected]