Shipping Containers with Personnel Door

If you want easy access to your modified shipping container as well as security, adding a steel personnel door is a great option.

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Add additional entry doors to your modified shipping container.

If you’re looking to purchase a shipping container for storage, a portable container office or a workspace with the added bonus of additional personnel door, we’ve got you covered. The steel entry doors we install in your modified BigSteelBox will be tough, secure, and stylish!

Steel Personnel Entry Doors

If you need your modified container to be easily accessible, adding a door is the easiest way to do so.

Our steel personnel doors (also often called “man doors”) are right hand reverse, which means when you’re outside the container the handle is on the left hand side, hinges are on the right hand side, and the door opens towards you. They come with a locking passage set to keep your belongings safe. A personnel door lockbox can also be added to your unit for extra security.

They are extremely tough and durable to match the container itself. Containers with a personnel door are great for any type of build, but especially for offices and workshops. Or, if you simply don’t want to go in and out of the cargo doors every time you need to access your modified BigSteelBox!

Your BigSteelBox Consultant will work with you to choose the best location to install your door.

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