Flexible storage solutions tailored to your hotel's needs.

We offer affordable and secure on-site storage solutions, perfect for hotels going through a renovation, or when you just need some extra space.

Trust us to keep your furniture and accessories safe during a renovation.

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We’ll impress you with our service so your guests will be impressed by your property.

We understand that most hotels need to go through a renovation every 5-10 years to meet regulations and company standards. We also understand that you want to minimize the impact this type of work can have on your guests.

We get it. Image and cleanliness are important to hotels! That’s why when you choose to rent a BigSteelBox, it will arrive looking clean and white.

Using a BigSteelBox to store hotel furniture, decorative items, and equipment will help ensure there is minimal disruption for guests, and you can trust they will stay clean and safe inside. Call us today for pricing:


Advantages of Portable Storage for Hotels

Maximize Revenue

If you’re using meeting or guest rooms to store furniture during a renovation, you could create more revenue by renting a BigSteelBox.

Professional Look

We understand that image is important to your hotel. Rest assured your rented BigSteelBox will always arrive looking clean and professional.


Your hotel furniture and accessories will stay safe and clean, right outside your door. This makes bringing it back in easy and convenient.

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