Home Décor Ideas on a Budget

Home Décor Ideas on a BudgetWe know that filling that blank wall in your new condo with art straight from a gallery isn’t an option for everyone. Most people need to be a bit more frugal when decorating their homes, but that doesn’t mean your home has to be drab or boring!

At its best, home décor is a mix of high-end and budget pieces that come together for a cohesive look while accounting for function, personality, and mood.

Take some time to think about how your family uses your home. Do you want to liven things up or calm things down? Do you want an overarching theme or a mix of styles? What kinds of items do you already have?

If you're moving into a new home, it's a good opportunity to reevaluate your décor. Maybe you're staying in your current home, but feel you're ready for a change of scenery. Look through blogs and magazines for inspiration and then create a plan to bring that inspiration to life.

Doing that on a budget doesn’t have to be a chore. We’ve come up with some easy tips to help stretch your dollar and leave your home looking fabulous. Whether it’s Pinterest DIY, creative wall hangings or bargain hunting, there are plenty of inexpensive ways to spruce up your home without breaking the bank.

Do It Yourself with the Help of Pinterest

If you're looking for home décor ideas on a budget, you’re going to love Pinterest. Type "DIY" into Pinterest and the results can be both amazing and overwhelming. There’s a hack for everything and endless ideas that will have you frequenting your local craft store.

But, the key with DIY decorating is finding projects that actually save you money and that have a big impact on your space. There’s no use in spending your Saturday building a piece of furniture when the materials cost as much as the store-bought version. With that in mind, we did the sifting for you and here are some of our favourite Pinterest DIYs:

  • This wooden coffee table with a metal base looks designer but can be made with just a few affordable pieces. Get yourself a piece of wood, a metal base, and some wood stain and you’re on your way to a new living room centerpiece.

  • Speaking of tables, a great way to add depth and storage to a living room is to build a small, sleek table that fits between the couch and the wall. Here’s a $25 sofa table tutorial that you can’t go wrong with!

  • Upgrade your lamp shades with a stencilpaint, or ribbon. You’d be amazed at how a small change can make a big impact.

  • Make your own shelves that help organize your things and add dimension to your walls. Place shelves in the kitchen, the corners of rooms, and above your bed.

  • Turn ordinary wooden crates into storage shelves for the bathroom. Your bathroom will instantly be more organized and stylish.

With any of these DIY projects, make sure you have a complete list of everything that is needed before you start and plenty of time to get it right.

How to Decorate a Small Living Room

How to Decorate a Small Living RoomThe living room is often the hub of the home. It’s where your family sits down at the end of the day and where all the new Netflix shows are binge-watched. When that space is small the clutter can really add up, making the room feel less inviting. Take a look at the room and choose what’s essential and then use some of these ideas to make the room feel bigger.

With the right frugal decorating and makeover ideas you can make the most of your space while still allowing enough seating for your family or guests to feel at home. A picture-perfect living room can be great, but one that is functional and cozy is even better. With a small room, it’s important to scale down your furniture, but there are other handy tricks you can use to really maximize your space.

  • Use mirrors to make the living room seem bigger. If you have a window in the room place the mirror on the opposite wall to reflect the view from the outside. If you don’t have a window then the mirrors act as a focal point the same way a window would, adding depth to the room.

  • When picking your furniture pick things with hidden storage to hide clutter. A chest that doubles as a coffee table or end tables that hold your magazines work magic.

  • Half-painted walls give the illusion of higher ceilings. The added bonus: you use less paint.

  • Another way to have your guests looking up is to hang frames from the top of the couch to the ceiling. Create a gallery wall by matching similar colours and varying shapes.

  • Bring the outside in with plants. To really make a statement, use one bold plant with height.

  • Break out that $25 sofa table you made if you don’t have room for end tables.

  • Use area rugs to define the seating area. Just make sure that you don’t go too small with your rug! A rug that is too small for the space actually makes the room look smaller, while a larger area rug gives the illusion of a bigger space.

Cheap and Easy Decorating Ideas for the Whole House

Decorate a Small Living Room with a Framed Art GalleryIf you’re not moving but just want to spruce things up around the house, these cheap and easy decorating ideas are for you. You’d be surprised how much of an impact small, strategic changes make in spaces that you’re used to seeing every day. A pop of colour here and a pillow swap there will go a long way!

  • Your affordable decorating best friend is a good throw pillow. Throw pillows anchor a room and provide a splash of colour or a change in mood. Swap out your throw pillows with the season to give your couch a much-needed energy boost or to make your bedroom a calmer space.

  • If you don’t want to buy new throw pillows, you can swap the ones you already own from room to room. You’d be amazed at how the pillows from your bed really freshen things up in your living room, all without actually spending any money!

  • A subtle and fun way to change up a room is to paint the side of your doors. That way you only see the change when your door is open.

  • Cover up unsightly necessities like your router with a hollowed-out book.

  • Use the free sources of art around you. Magazines, books, your kids’ artwork, and images from the internet can all be framed and hung on your wall. A gallery wall is a great way to balance out family photos as well.

Bedroom on a Budget

Your bedroom should be a relaxing place where you wind down at the end of a busy day. It’s your personal sanctuary, so it deserves a little extra attention. But you don’t need to break the bank to make that happen.

The beauty of decorating a bedroom on a budget is that you really only need a few key things to fill the room. You need a bed, of course, but you can customize it with throw pillows and a nice quilt or duvet. Add a rug, some side tables, and a full-length mirror and you’ve got a peaceful oasis!

  • Throw pillows, throw pillows, throw pillows. They make such a difference on your bed. Have enough on there so that your bed looks inviting and cozy, but not too many that it takes you ten minutes to get into bed at night.

  • Have matching (or mix-matched!) night stands that have everything you need on them for an easy bedtime. Pile on a lamp, something to read, a water glass, and a phone charger and you’re in for a peaceful night’s sleep. Plus, those personal items add personality to the room.

  • A soft rug can tie the room together and makes your first steps of the day comfortable ones. Even if you already have carpeting in your bedroom, a rug adds that extra layer of comfort that a bedroom needs.

  • A full-length mirror can be mounted to the back of your door or leaned against a wall with a potted plant beside it for extra drama. It’s an essential for getting ready in the morning and it also helps make a small room look bigger.

  • You can also consider additional seating in the bedroom, especially if you like to keep the bed a technology-free zone. A cedar chest at the end of the bed doubles as storage, or that patterned chair you brought on your move that doesn’t fit anywhere in the house can find its home in the bedroom.

Wall Decorating Ideas

Walls are a blank canvas just waiting for creative decorating ideas, but deciding how to fill them can be intimidating. You don’t want to overcrowd a space or to leave it looking blank. Varying your wall décor helps your home feel inspired, and can go way beyond paintings and at a much lower price point too. Here are some budget-friendly ideas:

  • Hanging wallpaper is an incredible way to decorate your walls. Buy it all at once and hang it yourself to save some cash. Here’s an easy guide to DIY wallpaper hanging. If you rent your home, you can get removable wallpaper that peels easily.

  • Line a wall with bookshelves and hang your art directly on the shelves. Not only is this a stunning way to decorate, but it also showcases your personality and interests.

  • Frame and display your family photos. These don’t need to be professional shots, candid moments work just as well. Hang the photos into a photo gallery wall to cover large spaces, or on their own on smaller walls.

  • Make a faux-screenprint for a blank wall. This pop art can compliment the colour scheme of any room and adds drama to your walls.

  • Frame your maps and hang them. That way you can showcase the places you’ve traveled to and the places you want to go, all while repurposing something that’s already in your house. (If you’re a skier or snowboarder, the trail map from your favourite hill is a must!)

  • Hang your hats on the wall in the front area of your house. It creates a clever art piece and a functional storage area.

Shopping for a Bargain

Decorate with re-purposed wood.

One of the best ways to keep your home decorating on track is to start the process with a budget and work within in it. That may not leave room for brand new furniture, but that’s where bargain hunting comes in! Second-hand furniture is great for those unique pieces that make a home special. 

Before you hit the pawn shops and consignment stores, make sure you measure out your rooms and have the dimensions handy. That love seat might seem small in the store, but if it doesn’t fit in your living room it wasn’t much of a bargain.

Here are some tips for finding a second-hand bargain:

  • Scour sites like Craigslist, Kijiji, and Bunz Trading Zone. Make sure you can sample the furniture before you buy it. Sit on a couch, lean on a table, test the drawers of a cabinet.

  • Check college newspapers and apartment bulletin boards for one-of-a-kind finds.

  • Keep an open mind about fabric. If you find a second-hand couch that you absolutely love, but the pattern on the fabric is a little off, you can always reupholster it when you take it home to give it a face lift.

  • Spend your Sundays at garage sales and don’t be afraid of curb furniture (just watch out for bedbugs).

  • Sign up for the mailing lists of your favourite antique shops and thrift shops.

  • Buy high-end seasonal items during the off season. That patio set for your backyard will likely be on sale in the fall, and that Christmas wreath won’t be a hot item in the January, so time your upgrades with those seasonal sales.

  • Find estate sales to get second-hand furniture without the thrift-store price markup. Make sure you arrive early, bring cash, and have a friend there to help you carry your finds. 

Remember to always negotiate the price when thrift shopping. You never know what type of a deal you can get!

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Home Improvements on a Budget

Decorating a home is as much about the extras as it is about the home itself. Making small home improvements can make a big difference without the stress of turning your home into a work site. Design details can be the finishing touch that is needed to strike that balance between eclectic and modern, and can dramatically alter the way your home looks, feels, and functions.

Here are some easy, low-cost improvements for your home:

  • Change the tone of your kitchen by painting your cabinets a new hue.

  • Update your old-fashioned light fixtures to something modern like a pendant or a chandelier.

  • De-clutter your entryway by hanging hooks for your jackets and a double-duty bench that can be used as storage.

  • Replace your showerhead with a handheld or sliding bar to modernize the bathroom and create a customizable shower experience.

  • While you’re updating the bathroom, replace your sink with pedestal sink or install small pieces of sheet vinyl over old, discoloured floor tiles.

  • If you mount your TV on the wall, try adding a frame around it with re-purposed wood. That way you can still have your flat screen without it taking any of the magic out of a room. 

Small home improvements help you decorate on a budget and only add value to your home. Plus, they are a great reason to bring out the power tools!

Whether you’re handy with a glue gun or you have a keen eye for a bargain, there are plenty of ways to decorate your home in a budget-friendly way. Infuse your space with your personality and add accessories that provide a function as well as a pop of colour. Arrange your furniture in a way that makes sense for the size of the room and get creative with your storage.

Take a look at your space and assess what you need. What’s the mood you want for each room? Do you have too much clutter and not enough storage? How do you use each room? Once you’ve answered those questions you’re on your way to high-end style on a dime.

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