Do It Yourself Projects Any Woman Can Show Off!!!

Do It Yourself Projects for WomenYou know what is great about do it yourself projects? Absolutely everything!

Everyone has old and unused items hanging around their basements or garages waiting to be thrown away.

Sometimes so much clutter, you can’t even park the car in the garage! (A BigSteelBox can solve that pesky problem!)

Before you get ready for some spring-cleaning, look at our list of do it yourself projects. They are sure to make you reconsider throwing away those old picture frames or garden rocks.

So many items in your home can be used to easily transform a room in no time at all.

Whether you are looking for easy decorating tips, storage or home improvement ideas, or perhaps even a fun outdoor DIY project, this list has a little sprinkle of everything!

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DIY Decorating Ideas

Looking to add something new to a room or for a fun gift idea?

Yarn Wrapped Jar Luminary

(Via The Forge)

This simple idea takes a simple glass jar and turns it into a beautiful candleholder designed by you!

Wrap the yarn around a jar in whichever pattern you like tying the end of the string where you started and cutting the ends.

Do It Yourself Projects | Yarn Wrapped Mason Jar

Using paint of any colour, paint the whole jar and once dry, carefully peel back the yarn.

Painted Luminary Mason Jars

Place a tea-light or candle inside the jar and you are left with a gorgeous glowing candleholder!

Yarn Wrapped Mason Jar

Sharpie Mugs

(via Joylynnkim)

Do It Yourself Projects | Sharpie MugsA perfect gift idea!

A straightforward do it yourself idea, using any ceramic mug and any permanent marker, you can personalize any old mug you have taking up space in your kitchen.

Simply, write a message or draw on the inside, bottom, or side of your mug and bake it.

Set your oven to 200 Celcius and bake for 1 Hour to make the writing permanent.

Cork Bulletin Board (And More!)

(Via Suzy Geeks Out) and (Via Brit + Co)

Wine Drinker? Save your corks and use an old picture frame to create your own bulletin board. You can also order them online.

Yellow Mirror Frame

Using a an old fancy mirror frame or a simple rectangular picture wall frame for a more contemporary look and feel.

Arrange the corks in your custom pattern then using a glue gun, glue each cork to the glass.

Fill the frame with corks and mount on the wall. Just waiting for the thumbtacks!

Quick tip: Worried about a wine smell? You can soak the corks in water with white vinegar for a couple of hours first.

Feeling adventurous? Make your cork board into a heart!

(Via /

Want more? 8 more AWESOME uses for wine corks!

DIY Home Improvement Projects

Add more storage to a room or use old materials for new purposes.

Paint Swatch Wall

(Via Poppy Talk)

Can’t decide what colour to paint your wall? Collect paint swatches to create any design you want in as few and as many colours as you like. Pretty cool, huh?

Paint Swatch Wall In Home

Map out your design on your floor or use sticky tack to move swatches easily on your wall.

Use the variety of shapes and colours of different paint swatches to create texture and once you are ready, use a glue stick to secure the swatches.

PVC Pipe Shoe Rack

How do you take care of the overflow of shoes in your home entryway? A PVC pipe shoe rack, that’s how.

PVC Shoes Storage

Put some PVC pipe to good use by turning it into shoe storage. You can find some at your local hardware store.

  1. Measure the piping length

  2. Ask the hardware store to cut the piping to size

  3. Gently file the edges

  4. Glue together the piping together using a glue gun

  5. Organize your family's shoes

Quick tip: Your kids can design their own and have a special place for their shoes. You can spray paint the pvc pipe a solid colour; or use stencils; or use permanent markers and stack for a creative shoe rack.

Window Shutter Mail Holder

Clean up your junk drawer and counter tops by creating a new mail holder out of an old window shutter.

Paint the shutter any colour you want and add a distressed look or a unique design to make it fit your home’s décor.

Do It Yourself Projects | Window Shutter Craft

Fit a piece of plywood to the backside so the mail doesn’t stick between the shutter and the wall.

Quick tip: You can measure and ask your hardware store to cut the piece for you. Another easy option is to use a lightweight cork backing and glue it to your window shutter with a glue gun. 

Place on your wall and now you have a place to display your wedding invitations and save important mail.

Outdoor Fun

Get outside and get your hands dirty!

Vertical Herb Garden

Want to keep your garden away from the neighbour’s pets?

Do It Yourself Projects | Vertical Herb Garden

(Via 7 Amazing Creations)

Use an old closet shoe organizer (for on the back of the door) to create a vertical garden. Useful for people who have limited yard space or would like a creative way to plant their garden.

Do It Yourself Projects | Vertical Herb Garden With Soil

Hang the shoe organizer on a shed wall or balcony and pour water in each pocket to check for good drainage. Fill pockets with soil and plant your seeds!

(Via Tesco Lifestyle Youtube)

Painted Garden Rocks - Stones

Do It Yourself Projects | Garden Rocks

In preparation for this year’s garden, be on the lookout for stones that can be painted and used as garden markers.

Stones can be painted by simply writing the word of the plant or you can look for shaped stones to paint as the actual vegetable or fruit you are growing!

Do It Yourself Projects | Painted Garden Rocks

Once painted, use a varnish to protect them from moisture so they can be used year after year.

Now that you are inspired with design ideas for your do it yourself projects it is time to look around your home for unused or old materials to be transformed.

Head out to a thrift store or watch for people throwing out items that can be used to create something new for your home or a fabulous gift.

Whether you are handy or have never held a drill, these easy projects should motivate you to try to do it yourself!

We would love to hear about any of your exciting DIY projects. Have you tried any of the above? Let us know in the comments below!

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