Considering a Long Distance Moving Company? Top Tips from BigSteelBox

Long Distance Moving Company | Top Tips | BigSteelBoxWe hear you! The task of moving your family to a new home can be daunting and time consuming, especially when relocating long distance.

Not only are you dealing with choosing a long distance moving company to help you, but also keeping track of all the small details and keeping your family sane until moving day.

It might seem like the tasks will never end but it is true what they say. You can move your family cross-country and keep it organized and painless.

We have collected our top tips of things to do when preparing to move and our best ways to keep you motivated and focused on your new home!

Before You Begin Moving Across Canada

It may seem like there is a list of things to do for your long distance move and nowhere to start. School records to collect, clothes to donate, yard sales to plan.

The process of moving is hectic, but by keeping yourself organized and doing your research you will feel more secure on moving day and enjoy planning for your new home.

Below we have collected our tops things to remember when planning a long distance move.

Sort And Purge Before Moving Long Distance

As soon as possible start going through EVERYTHING in your home. The sooner you decide what you want to keep, donate, sell, and throw away, the sooner you can begin packing and get a good idea of your whole inventory.

Take note of your items, which will need special packing, put aside ones that are especially valuable, and write down special items that you want on display in your new home. Moving with BigSteelBox allows you to take your time to sort, purge, pack and move your belongings. Using BigSteelBox is less stressful than renting a truck and a great alternative to hiring professional movers for your long distance move.

Make A Moving Binder

There needs to be a home for all the documents, quotes, records, lists and receipts you will collect during your planning.

Keep a full inventory of the number and the weight of furniture and appliances in your home.

This will come in handy when getting moving quotes and help after the move if there are any issues with the final invoicing.

If everything is in one place you will stay organized and always know where you are in your timeline and have all records on hand if any discrepancies pop up.

Research When Hiring A Long Distance Moving Company

There are a lot of long distance moving and storage companies out there but you want to find the one that is right for you and your family.

Did you know? In comparison to other portable storage companies that offer long distance moving, BigSteelBox is:

  • More secure

  • Wind and water-tight

  • Rodent proof

  • Larger box (when comparing most options to a 20’ BigSteelBox)

  • Less expensive in terms of cost per square ft/ cubic. ft

  • More BigSteelBox locations across Canada

Take the time to research moving companies and ask your friends and family if they have recommendations.

Get a few quotes from moving companies and make sure they visit your home to take an inventory or that they have a comprehensive list of items. Make sure you understand the basis of the quote calculation. For long distance moves, it’s usually based on weight.

Many times quotes can be inaccurate if the company doesn’t have a clear understanding of the contents, and you do not want to be surprised when the cost increases on moving day. The basis for these increases is usually tied to the actual weight of the load when it is weighed at the scale.

The most reputable companies will give you the most accurate quote possible so they minimize the discrepancy on the final invoice. If you receive a quote that looks to good to be true, make sure you understand the weight it is based on. That way you can compare apples to apples.

If you do receive a quote based on volume, make sure you clearly understand the measure and how that may change if you need more space.

The Canadian Government has created the Consumer Checklist for Choosing a Moving Company that gives a more concise checklist on how to hire a reputable moving company.

Confirm Moving Details

Once you have picked the long distance mover you would like to help you, confirm the dates, times, and cost of your move.

Cover all your bases and know if you will need special equipment or packing supplies on moving day.

Once you have confirmed your moving date and you now know your packing timeline you  can start getting excited for your new home!

Packing Tips for Moving

Packing Tips For Moving | BigSteelBoxStart with things you use infrequently. Make sure to pull things out of the attic and the garage so you do not leave anything behind.

Get the right boxes for your things. Use wardrobe boxes for easy unpacking and pack your items tightly and stuff all wiggle room so nothing fragile moves.

Moving Box Label Stickers And Moving Boxes

Here’s a good resource: Where To Buy Moving Boxes (And Get Them For Free)

Clearly label and number each box. Make signs for the rooms in your new home that match your labels. This way your movers will be able to put away boxes easily in the correct location at your new home.

Pack all essential items together and label them as important so they will be left in the open for easy access.

Moving Reminders Checklist

❑  Get your car serviced

❑  Clean out your safety deposit box

❑  Refill your prescriptions

❑  Forward medical and school records

❑  Inform the utility company, banks, and any subscriptions of your move

❑  Confirm the details with the moving company the day before moving day

❑  Defrost freezer

❑  Double check all closets, sheds, the attic, and garage

Be sure to check out our printable moving checklist.

Keep Yourself Motivated

The stress of moving should not keep you from getting excited about your new home. It is important to take the time to dream about your new kitchen or what colour you want to paint your new bedroom.

Here are our favourite ways to stay motivated while waiting to move.

  1. Get a layout of your new home! Take measurements and get a picture of where you will be living. This helps plan where your furniture and belongings will go and how everything will fit! Cut out scaled down versions of your kids’ furniture and let them play with a new room layout.

  2. Create a bulletin board of things you are excited to do in your new town or things you are excited to do in your new home like plant a garden or build a play set.

  3. If you have kids, take videos of them explaining their favourite parts of their old home or memories they have in each room. With young children, this can help preserve their memories of favourite places or things from when they were young.

  4. Visualize your new home. When packing, decide on your favourite pieces of art or furniture and plan where they will be in the new house. The sooner you unpack and put your things away, the sooner it will feel like home.

  5. Plan a fun way to meet your neighbours. Decide if you want to go classic and deliver baked goods, plan a party, or have a folding chair get together before your furniture arrives.

Moving can be a complicated process, but by using our tips you can be sure you are on track for a stress-free cross-country move.

Doing your research and knowing the full inventory of your home makes it easier to choose a long distance moving company to hire and once you have decided on one, it is up to you to set your timelines and pack for the big day. It can seem like a long process but keep your head up!

Cherish the memories you had in your old home and get excited about your new home and new city!

BigSteelBox Makes Long Distance Moving & Storage Simple.

If you think BigSteelBox might have the perfect mobile storage solution to help with your long distance move you can easily request a quote online or give us a quick call at 1-800-373-1187. We are happy to help you!

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