Renovating Your Home in Winter Could Save You Money

Renovating Your Home in Winter Could Save You MoneyWhile spring and summer are often considered the best seasons to start a home renovation project, the winter months are actually an excellent time to update the interior of your home and address any repairs you may have been putting off. There are a few reasons for this:

It’s Low Season for Contractors
Contractors have greater availability during the winter months, as work slows down after the spring and summer. Because many homeowners prefer to tackle home reno projects when the weather is nicer, demand for contractors is lower in the winter.

It’s really just a matter of supply and demand. When there is less work, contractors may be more more flexible on price and timing. As a result, many contractors are more willing to negotiate prices when volumes drop a bit.

End of the Season Sales Can Save You Money
As retailers prepare for newer models and inventory prior to January, they often reduce prices with end-of-season sales.  This is a great time to watch for deals on items like appliances and furniture. Depending on your timing, you can even consider waiting until after Christmas.

Construction materials and supplies like flooring, lumber and fixtures might also be a bit cheaper during this time of the year, as demand decreases. Watch for sales on building supplies at home improvement stores like Home Depot, Rona and Home Hardware to same money on your overall reno budget.

Winter Home Renovations Ideas

Winter Home Renovations IdeasWhile some home renovations such as new shingles, siding, and exterior painting, are often better left to the summer months in Canada, there are a number of projects that are just as easy to complete during the winter. Here are a few winter renovation project ideas:

1. Interior Upgrades
Projects like installing new flooring, kitchen countertops, and bathroom fixtures can often be done in under a month and go a long way to give your space a fresh look.

A bathroom reno is usually easy to live through, as long as you have another bathroom in your home to use while it’s under construction. The same goes for a basement or office. However, if you’re looking at a new kitchen or flooring and you plan to hire a contractor to manage the job, perhaps think about planning to have the job done while you’re away on vacation.

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2. Make your home more energy-efficient

Renovations to make your home more energy-efficientFor most, heating a home accounts for over 50 per cent of our total energy consumption. If it’s feasible and something you can get done early in the winter, think about replacing single-pane windows for double or tri-pane. Older, single-pane windows do little to keep the cold out. You can lose 20 - 30% of your heat through your windows.

However, if replacing windows is too big a job during the colder months, even smaller steps like sealing cracks and caulking around doors and windows can help. You can also upgrade insulation in your basement and attic to help with your heating bills.

As mentioned above, many retailers discount appliances to make room for newer models at the end of the year. This makes winter a great time to upgrade kitchen appliances that are ENERGY STAR® certified, and therefore more energy-efficient.

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3. Renovate your garage
Adding insulation to garage walls, covering up exposed piping, and waterproofing garage doors are effective ways to prevent damage to your belongings during the winter. Not to mention, the extra insulation will make it even more comfortable to get into your car on those extra cold mornings.

The winter months are also the perfect time to declutter your garage by installing shelving or other space-saving equipment. And, if you need to store some things during a garage project, a BigSteelBox can be a great option for temporary storage (see #4).

4. Temporary storage makes winter renos easier
We understand that even small home renovation projects can be stressful and disruptive. And, it’s common for renos to take longer than expected, regardless of the time of year.

Choosing a mobile storage service like BigSteelBox means you can have weather-resistant, secure, and convenient storage at any location – whether it’s on your property, or at one of our secure storage location sites.

Call BigSteelBox at 1-800-373-1187 or request a free quote online today for more information about our portable storage options and how we can support you with your home renovation project.

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