Moving To A New Province? What You Need To Know!

Moving To A New Province? What You Need To Know! | BigSteelBox

Whether you’re moving from BC to Ontario, or from Ontario to BC (or to any of the provinces in between) we're here to make it easier.

There are all sorts of reasons you may be moving to another province: maybe it’s for a new job or just the need for a change of scenery.

No matter your reasons for moving provinces, it’s always exciting when you decide to take a leap and move somewhere completely new.

While there IS more to think about when moving across the country, with the proper planning it can be just as easy as moving across town. And yes, a long distance move can be overwhelming, so it’s completely normal to be intimidated and nervous by the thought of moving to a new province!

But rest assured, a little bit of organization and knowing the right questions to ask when choosing a long distance moving company will help prepare you for moving day.

We have run down the costs to consider when moving provinces to help you decide the best way to move your belongings long distance. Plus, you’ll also find a handy list of resources and websites to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything, and you can download this FREE moving checklist to stay organized.


Moving Across Country: 3 Costs You May Not Have Thought Of

Housing Costs

The cost of a new home or apartment can vary greatly depending on where you are moving. You may end up paying more for less space, have to live farther away from your workplace, resulting in a longer commute.

When deciding where to move, look into the housing market in various cities in the province you are moving to. Do your research on where to look for a home and what time of year it is best to be a home buyer.

Transportation Costs

Look into transit fees and monthly passes, gas prices, and insurance rates. These fees differ greatly depending on the province and can shock you if you are not used to paying a higher gas price or higher insurance.

Knowing these costs can help you decide if you are better off living in the city and commuting or driving to work from farther away. Moving to a big city and living close to work can reduce your commute but parking costs can also add up.

If you are not planning to have a car, the costs for transportation differ depending on the province. Also consider insurance costs. Your insurance rate will increase if you are moving to a large city or driving your car over a certain amount of kilometres to work every day.

Cost of Living

Moving across country brings on a whole new set of things to do and you can find yourself saving money due to lower provincial taxes or spending more money because food is much more expensive.

Take into consideration how you will be spending your time outside of work and if your destination city is known to be an expensive place to live. You certainly don’t want to end up using your whole paycheque on rent and not be able to enjoy yourself in your new home province!

Long Distance Moving Options: How Will You Get Your Stuff There?

Hire a Moving Company

If you're not the DIY move type of person, you can spend some extra money and hire movers to help you relocate. You can hire moving professionals to help you with almost any aspect of moving.

They can pack your things, load them into the moving truck, haul them across the country, and unpack everything for you. A full service move like that can be expensive, but you can get moving quotes for only the loading and unloading of a rental truck if you want to lower costs.

Learn more about How to Compare Moving Company Quotes

Rent a Moving Truck for Your DIY Move

The full do-it-yourself move. If you're planning a relatively simple move, want to save money, and are comfortable driving a moving truck rental long distance, this may be the option for you.

Renting a truck is a common method of relocating and truck rental companies are well equipped in helping you plan your move and can accommodate truck drop offs all over Canada.

Make sure to calculate the cost of fuel and give yourself some extra room in your dates just in case of bad weather or underestimated drive times.

Still not sure? Check out this post: Comparing Moving with a Rental Truck to BigSteelBox. What Option is Best for You?

You Pack It, They Move It

Packing a portable moving container and having it moved across the country is becoming a popular option when planning a move across the country - especially for families with children.

Using a moving pods company like BigSteelBox for your long distance move can save you up to 20% - 40% compared to a traditional long distance moving company (based on an average weight load of 7,000 lbs). You are in full control of your move.

It’s super simple! A container is dropped off on your property and stays with you for as long as you need. You can pack at your own speed and once you are ready, just call and your container is on the move to your new home.

This option also gives you the ability to store your container while you are travelling to your destination, which can come in handy.

Learn more about BigSteelBox Long Distance Moving Services.

Who To Inform Before You Move

Now that you know where you are going and how you are going to get there, now is the time to make sure you have all the information for a surprise free arrival in your new home.

1) Doctors

Get any records to take with you, get refills on your prescriptions, and ask about any procedures for moving your records to a new doctor in the future.

2) Schools

Get copies of records and ask for school recommendations in your new town.

3) Utilities

Make sure your cable, gas, electric, water, and internet providers are informed you will be moving and the date you are leaving. If you know your move-in date, set up your account with your new utility company so you have electricity on move in day!

4) Employer

Make sure to give two weeks notice if possible. Give them an address to send your tax documents and insurance information.

5) Banks

Anyone you give money to or get money from should be informed you are moving. This includes your bank, credit card company, car/home/life insurance company, and lenders.

6) Subscription Services

Don't be that tenant or homeowner who has their mail delivered to their old address six months after they moved. Any newspaper, magazine, and delivery services will need your new address.

7) Friends and Family

Add sending out a change of address card to your moving checklist. Once you are sure of your new address of if you know somewhere mail can be delivered in the meantime, let your friends and family know where to send your housewarming gift.

Where To Update Your Address After a Move

Canada Post:

Canada Post – Change your address and redirect your mail (province specific links below):

Ministry of Health:

Ministry of Health – You may need to switch your healthcare plan depending on your new home province.

Ministry of Transportation:

Ministry of Transportation – They can give you detailed information about getting a new driver’s licence, registration, and licence plate.

Canada Revenue Agency:

Elections Canada:

Elections Canada – Register to vote in your new province.

Canada Pension Plan / OAS:

Veteran's Affairs:

Veteran's Affairs – They can give information about benefits and programs in your new city.

Canadian Firearms Centre:

Canadian Firearms Centre – Important if you are planning to keep an existing firearms licence.

Moving resources to assist you based on province:

We hope you now have everything you need to help you figure out how you will be moving to a new province, and all the resources and information to make your move as stress free as possible.

If you're looking for a new adventure, take into consideration the differences in living costs between your current home and cities across the country. Take the time to decide how you will move your belongings to your new province and pick the option that works best for you and your schedule.

Once you're ready to go, use the information above to inform contacts and service providers of your move, and get excited for your new life in a new city! 

If you think BigSteelBox might be the best long distance moving company and mobile storage solution to help with your move you can easily request a quote online or give us a quick call at 1-800-373-1187. We are happy to help you! 

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