Moving Across Canada? Tips, Costs and ...BigSteelBox?

Photo fo family packing to move | BigSteelBoxPlanning a trip across our beautiful country can be a daunting task for some, even when you’re not bringing everything you own with you!

The idea of packing up and moving across Canada brings along its own set of challenges, but it can also be exhilarating and filled with new adventures!

A large cross-country move is known to be expensive but with our moving across Canada tips, cost cutting moving tips and a handy moving checklist, it is very possible to save a bunch of money and reduce the stress of relocating.

We have collected the most important long distance moving tips and costs you should keep in mind and why we think renting a BigSteelBox is your best option for a stress-free move.

Moving Across Canada Tips

Research – Do your research on where you are headed. Not only does this keep you motivated on all the things you will do on your trip and what you will see and do once you arrive, but it also gives you the information to make the most out of the adventure.

Study the communities in your new city and take into consideration cost of living, job availability, rental, and real estate markets when deciding where you want to live.

Use technology – In today’s world just because you are not physically somewhere in the world does not mean you cannot see it! Use features like Google Street View to look around different neighbourhoods, pick a spot and search Yelp to see what is fun to do in the area.

Set a budget – Make sure you know how much you can spend and what your limits are. Ask around or look online for posts on cost effective ways to move across Canada. There is no doubt someone has already done what you will be doing and they can give you a rough estimate of their costs. Use your online networks and ask the question.

Try to be flexible – With a more complicated cross-country move you may not be able to stick to rigid timelines. If you have the time and flexibility, plan a move outside of the busy summer months to avoid paying high moving rates. Keep room in your plan for the possibility of emergencies, logistical issues, or delays. You never know what could happen.

Do I know you? – While planning your move, check to see if you have family or friends in your new city or province. You would be surprised how many people you know spread out across the country and you can save money on accommodations if they are willing to help you out. Someone may even offer you a place to stay if you are not immediately settled at your destination.

THROW IT OUT! – One of the simplest ways to save money when moving long distance is to bring less stuff! The less you are trying the move, the cheaper it will be. Organize a garage sale, sell what you can, and donate or recycle the rest. If something is not important to you and will cost more to ship than to replace, get rid of it!

Spread out your appointments – You will find that the last few weeks before moving day fill up quickly. Especially if you are moving away from family and friends, your days fill up fast with people saying goodbye. Make sure to meet with your doctors, dentists, schools, and other appointments far enough away from your moving date. Do not pack it all in the last week.

Save the receipts – Make sure to keep your receipts. If you are relocating for work and you are moving 40km (or more) to be closer to your place of work, you can claim moving expenses (such as transportation and storage costs), travelling expenses, and any legal fees incurred while purchasing a new home.

Moving Across Canada Costs

There are many obvious move costs associated with moving your stuff from point A to point B. Below is a list of some of the costs you may not want to miss...

  • Extra cost of travelling with pets – Are your pets joining you on your cross country road trip? Whether you are flying or driving, there will always be extra costs associated with travelling with a pet. Look at the average price to fly with a pet or use a pet friendly hotel room. Add this to your budget.

  • Gas – Canada is a pretty big country to drive across - wouldn’t you agree?

  • Cancellation fees – The cost of cancelling your services and subscriptions can add up quickly - plan ahead.

  • Changing your driver’s license – Generally there is a fee when changing your driver’s license and health card in a new province. Provincial government sites will have this information posted on their respective websites.

  • Increase in car/health insurance cost – If you are moving to a larger city in a different province, take into consideration a possible increase in insurance rates. Call your current provider and discuss what changes to expect before you move.

  • Lost wages – If you will be unemployed while you are moving or if you are taking time off work while you are in between homes, make sure you can cover any missed pay cheques.

  • Accommodation – This is where finding friends along the way can save you money. The less you have to spend on motels/hotels, the better.

  • Food – Plan ahead of your trip and have snack foods and simple meals prepared. Try and keep some groceries with you instead of eating out along your trip.

Moving Across Canada Container Benefits

Renting a BigSteelBox can simplify your move and keep your budget in check.Getting your belongings across the country is usually the greatest cost and the biggest hassle of a long distance move.

Hiring a moving company to pack and haul your stuff cross country can be extremely expensive. Renting a truck and moving everything yourself can save you some money, but at the cost of your back and sanity. It’s also easy for rental truck costs to add up if there are delays or hidden fees.

Renting a BigSteelBox can simplify your move and keep your budget in check.

Flexibility – No need to stick to strict moving company timelines or rush to return a rental truck. When you are ready to start packing, simply have your BigSteelBox delivered to your home and start filling it at your pace, on your schedule. Once you are finished, call to have it picked up and it can begin its trip and meet you at your destination.

Storage – Going to take your time going through the Rockies? Planning on visiting your family in Toronto? If you need storage for your things while you are in between homes, that’s no problem with BigSteelBox. We can easily store your items at one of our secure storage facilities across Canada until you are ready. Just let us know and we’ll drop it off on your driveway when you’re ready.

Security – You are the only one who has access to your BigSteelBox. You have the only key. Once your portable container is packed and locked at your property, it is sealed until you open it at your new home. There is no need to worry if your items are being moved around or shifted from truck to truck. Everything stays together in your BigSteelBox.

SAVE – If hiring a more traditional moving company is too expensive and the thought of driving through the mountains with a rental truck makes you nervous, have the best of both worlds. Based on an average load of 7,000 pounds, renting a BigSteelBox for your move across Canada can save you between 20–40% when compared to long distance moving companies who base their prices on weight. 

With an contents capacity of 10,000 pounds, a 20’ BigSteelBox also has over two times the weight capacity of a 16’ PODS container and 44% more space (based on cubic feet).

Canada - You pack it; we haul it. It’s that simple.

Best Way to Move Across Canada

There is no right or wrong when deciding on the best way to move across Canada. Everyone has a different set of circumstances and budget. Thousands of people move across Canada using the BigSteelBox method and you can too.

Not only does it give you the flexibility to plan your move on your schedule, it offers a cheaper alternative to long distance moving companies in Canada.

If you are looking for an affordable and convenient way for your DIY move across Canada, a BigSteelBox could just be for you

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If you think BigSteelBox might have the perfect mobile storage solution to help with your local or long distance move you can easily request a quote online or give us a quick call at 1-800-373-1187. We are happy to help you!

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