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When you compare us to our competitors we think you'll find plenty of reasons to choose BigSteelBox for your moving and storage needs.

Photo of BigSteelBox delivering a moving container to a customer's homeAt BigSteelBox, we invite you to compare us to other moving and storage companies because we want you to make the decision that's best for you.

We're obviously biased towards our own solutions, but we know that in some circumstances it will make sense for you to make a different choice. That's perfectly fine with us, because we know that our combination of products and services offer incredible value for many people. 

Whether it's the extra security our steel Boxes provide, the flexibility of storing your things at your place or at one of our secure locations, or the convenience of leaving the driving to us, BigSteelBox is simply a better way to move and store stuff for a growing number of people and businesses.

The brief comparisons below describe how our services are different from our competitors, and will give you a good idea of what solutions will work best for you. You can also call us at 1-800-373-1187 and we'll be happy to explain how our service works in more detail!

Regardless of what you decide, we're here to help.

Comparing PODS® and PODS-Style Mobile Storage Solutions to BigSteelBox

Photo of PODS-style storage unit next to a BigSteelBox shipping containerOther portable storage companies like PODS offer a very similar service to BigSteelBox. The biggest difference is the actual product itself. PODS, and similar container companies like Cubeit®, Mi-Box® and PUPS®, use smaller and lighter weight containers. PODS offers 7', 12' and 16' sized units, compared to BigSteelBox which provides 8', 10', 20' and 40' containers.

The most commonly used sizes for residential moving and storage is the 16' POD and the 20' BigSteelBox - here's how they compare:

How Much Space Do You Get?
A 20' BigSteelBox provides over 44% more storage space than a PODS:

  • A 16' PODS offers 814 cubic ft of storage space
  • A 20' BigSteelBox offers 1,172 cubic ft of storage space

How Much Weight Does It Hold?
A BigSteelBox holds more than twice the weight capacity of PODS-style containers:

  • A 16' PODS® holds up to 4,200 lbs
  • A 16' Cubeit® container holds up to 4,750 lbs
  • A 20' BigSteelBox holds up to 10,000 lbs

Beyond the size and load bearing capacity, the other major difference between the two types of boxes is the construction.

A BigSteelBox is a certified shipping container that is made entirely of steel, and is built to withstand the harsh conditions that come with open ocean transport.  A PODS container uses aluminum sheets around a steel frame. This difference in construction means a BigSteelBox is much more secure and durable. A BigSteelBox won't bend or shift under the weight of its contents, and because it's fully sealed, it is wind, water and rodent-proof.

The differences in the container size and style means there's also a different delivery method and type of storage facility offered by each company. PODS delivers their containers using their Podzilla delivery system that lifts the container off the deck of the truck. The truck then moves forward and the lift system lowers the PODS container into place. A BigSteelBox is delivered using a tilt deck truck. The deck extends behind the truck and the Box is gently lowered into place as the deck is tilted down. Because the size of the Box and the delivery method, a BigSteelBox delivery does require more space than a PODS container. This would certainly be a key consideration, if you have limited space.

The other significant difference in the service offering is the in-facility storage. Because a PODS container is not as weather proof as a shipping container, they provide indoor storage if you can't keep the container on your property. BigSteelBox provides outdoor storage in a secure, fenced yard. Both companies charge an additional fee for storing containers at their facilities, but because PODS storage is indoors, their monthly rental rates are much higher.

Check out the table below for a quick comparison or visit our BigSteelBox vs PODS post for a more detailed explanation of how we're different.

  BigSteelBox PODS
All steel construction for extra security YES NO
Wind, water and rodent-proof YES NO
Moving services to over 50 cities across Canada YES NO
Heavy duty, all steel swing out doors YES NO
Completely sealed, with two sided rubber gaskets on either side of doors YES NO
All locations company owned and operated YES NO
Total storage space using internal dimensions (20' BigSteelBox vs. 16' POD) 1,172 cubic ft 814 cubic ft
Indoor Storage Facility NO YES
Load Capacity (20' BigSteelBox vs. 16' POD) 10,000 lbs 4,200 lbs


Comparing BigSteelBox to Full Service Movers

Full service moving company truck vs. BigSteelBoxBeyond the price, the biggest difference between BigSteelBox and hiring a full service moving company is the extra time you have to pack and unpack. When you move with BigSteelBox, it's based on a monthly rental rate, so you have if for at least a month (or as long as you need it!). This means you can take your time packing. We'll deliver and move it to your new home on your schedule. However, if you need extra help packing and unpacking, you may want to consider hiring full service movers.

Most full service movers can look after all aspects of your move and can even provide or source packers to pack all of your items into boxes prior to moving day. It's pretty easy to see how those costs would quickly add up, but some people are willing to pay for those extra services.

However, most people still like to do their own packing. This will save you some money, but it also gives you the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing all of your belongings are packed with care.

In the end it really comes down to what type of service you're looking for. If you feel like you really need the extra help that comes with hiring movers, then you need to be prepared to pay significantly more. For local moves within a city, you should expect to pay at least twice as much as you would with BigSteelBox. This is based on doing the move with one 20' BigSteelBox compared to hiring a 20' truck with three movers. 

For long distance moves using a 20' BigSteelBox, you'll probably save 30% to 50% for any move that is over 5,000lbs of contents. 

Check out our blog for more information on how to compare us to Local Moving Companies and Long Distance Moving Companies.

  BigSteelBox Full Service Movers
Extra time to pack and unpack at your own pace YES NO
Storage in between homes without unpacking into a storage locker YES NO
Weather proof, water resistant and rodent free YES NO
No one else has access to your stuff because you keep the key YES NO
You look after your belongings because you load and unload yourself YES NO
No hidden costs for overtime or incidentals YES NO
Labour to help with the loading and unloading NO YES


Comparing BigSteelBox to Renting a Moving Truck

Renting a moving truck vs. moving with BigSteelBoxIf you're on a really tight budget, renting a moving truck from Budget® or U-Haul® will probably be your cheapest option. For local moves, depending on how far you're driving, you'll probably save $100 to $200 compared to using a BigSteelBox, as long as you can do it all in one day. 

Most of our customers prefer to have the extra time to pack and unpack their things into a BigSteelBox at their own pace. It's also less stressful when you're not rushing to get the truck back before the deadline. 

If you're planning a long distance move, there are many other things to take into consideration. How many days will you actually need? What is an accurate estimate of the fuel costs? Are you going to need to stay in a hotel along the way? When you add up all the costs, you may not be saving as much as you think.

Did we mention that someone has to drive a rental truck? If you're not comfortable driving a large moving truck, or you don't want to have to drive in bad weather or busy roads or Highways, then BigSteelBox is a better option for you because we do the driving.  Here's a little more information on moving with a rental truck compared to BigSteelBox.

  BigSteelBox Moving Truck Rental
Extra time to pack and unpack at your own pace YES NO
No worries about driving a moving truck YES NO
Storage in between homes without loading and unloading YES NO
No extra charges or worries about having the truck for an extra day YES NO
One month rental term YES NO
Pack and care for your own belongings YES YES
Completely sealed, wind, water and rodent-proof YES NO


Comparing BigSteelBox to Storage Lockers and Mini Storage

Self storage units and mini storage vs. BigSteelBoxFor this comparison, the first thing to understand is how we define storage lockers and mini-storage. A mini-storage unit is where you can drive your vehicle up to the door, whereas storage lockers are usually inside a building. 

With storage lockers, there is usually 2 or 3 parking spots available in a loading area. The customer must sign in at the front desk to gain access to the locker area. You may need to take a freight elevator if it's a multi-storey building or simply walk down a hallway. These types of storage facilities usually provide dollies or carts to move belongings in and out of the building. Storage locker facilities are more common in dense urban areas.

Because they require more space, mini-storage facilities are usually located in more suburban or rural areas. 

Mobility is the biggest difference between renting a locker or mini-storage and renting a BigSteelBox. A BigSteelBox gives you the ability to have the Box delivered wherever you need it, so there is no need to borrow (or rent) a truck. With BigSteelBox, there's only half the loading required. With a storage locker or mini-storage, you have to load up the truck, take it down to the storage facility and unload it again. 

The other difference between storage lockers and mini-storage compared to BigSteelBox is accessibility. Most storage facilities will allow access to units on a daily basis with no advanced notice required. With BigSteelBox and other mobile storage companies, customers need to provide at least 24 hours notice to access their container. At BigSteelBox, we try to accommodate last minute requests, but it does take us some time to safely move the container to an area for customers to access it.

Access is one of the reasons why most storage lockers and mini-storage units are more expensive than renting a BigSteelBox, especially when you compare the cost per square foot or cubic foot. BigSteelBox provides great value for long term storage, but quick access on a last minute basis can be a challenge.

Here's a little more information on renting a storage unit if you're still trying to figure out what will be best for you.

  BigSteelBox Self Storage
Mobile storage delivered where you need it YES NO
Completely sealed and rodent-proof YES NO
No hassles of loading and unloading from truck to locker YES NO
Storage at your location YES NO
Unlimited access during open hours, without advance notice NO YES


Comparing BigSteelBox to other Shipping Container Companies

BigSteelBox will move your loaded container to your new home.Most new shipping containers are pretty similar, but very few shipping container companies actually provide the same level of services available from BigSteelBox.

Moving loaded containers is the tangible difference between BigSteelBox and most other shipping container companies. Any shipping container company should be able to coordinate the transport of loaded containers, but very few have made the investment in the trucks required to move loaded containers on a regular basis.

Having a fleet of trucks built to move loaded containers allows us to serve the needs of residential customers who are moving. This also allows us to serve the needs of commercial customers, who need to transport loaded containers for storing seasonal items, displays or equipment.

The other big difference is our number of locations that allows us to easily manage long distance moving for a growing number of Canadians who are moving to a new city. 

Call us at 1-800-373-1187 to find out more about what makes us different.

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