You Can Always Get Access To Your Stored BigSteelBox

Forklift moving a loaded BigSteelBox storage container

After I had decided that I was going to move all of my belongings from Regina to Kelowna in a BigSteelBox and store it while I rented a furnished house, the one thing I worried about was getting access to my stuff if I needed to. I knew I would be in my rental over Christmas and all of my decorations were going to be packed.

I quickly learned that getting access to my BigSteelBox was not a problem. All I would have to do is call the Kelowna store the day before I wanted to get into it, and they would make sure it was brought down for me. So that’s what I did.

This was my first visit to a BigSteelBox store, and my first impression was that they are pretty cool places. First of all, the offices are modified containers, which is awesome. Secondly, a BigSteelBox store is like a gigantic Lego land. At this store containers are stacked three boxes high and seem to go on forever, so you feel pretty tiny walking through them.

When we initially packed our box we made sure to put the stuff we’d want access to in last. You have to be strategic! The process to get into my box and get my stuff out was easy and quick. Now it’s time to get a tree and start decorating!


Becky is an employee of BigSteelBox. She recently moved from Saskatchewan to BC and this is part of her story as a customer of a BigSteelBox.

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