7 Savvy Uses for Mobile Storage Containers

Mobile storage container in drivewayMobile storage containers are highly versatile and useful for a wide variety of storage needs. BigSteelBox offers portable storage containers in a number of sizes to suit your needs.

Read on for some of the most savvy uses of storage containers and how they can help to simplify your life.

Home Renovations

Portable storage containers are very useful during home renovations. Rather than piling your furniture and other belongings in a corner or cramming them into another room during the remodel, a storage container gives you a place to keep them. Not only does this keep your things out of the way while the contractors are working (or out of YOUR way if you’re planning a DIY home reno!), but it also protects them from getting damaged during the construction process.

It can be incredibly stressful living in your house while renovating, so having a mobile storage container for all of your belongings will help make things easier. Having a BigSteelBox in your driveway will enable you to be more comfortable throughout the entire reno process. Although a storage container does add an extra cost to your renovation, it’s well worth it for the added peace of mind you'll achieve in knowing that your furniture and belongings are safe. In most cases, it will also represent a very small percentage of the overall cost.

Office Remodels

Businesses may have any number of reasons for remodelling, ranging from company restructuring to periodic cleaning to simply wishing to redecorate. However, depending on the nature of the business, it can sometimes be risky to expose sensitive company documents to the influx of contractors and workers that will be coming through the office.

With a mobile storage container, your business can store any necessary documents and files in a safe place away from your location. A BigSteelBox is wind, water and rodent-proof, and they’re fire resistant. All rental containers also come equipped with a Lock Box that protects your padlock from bolt cutters, so you can rest assured knowing your things will stay safe and dry inside.

You can also store any fragile equipment or proprietary products so that there is no risk of exposure to the public. A portable storage container is also useful for storing any extra office furnishings so that they are out of the way of the contractors.


Moving is a stressful time for anyone, but it can be made easier by using a mobile storage container. Rather than worrying about trying to get everything packed and loaded onto a truck in a single day, you can rent a portable storage container well in advance of your move. This enables you to take your time with packing, relieving a lot of the pressure.

When you’re able to pack at a more leisurely pace, it’s significantly easier to stay organized. You'll have more time to plan your packing so that it will be easier to unpack once you arrive at your new home. You'll greatly appreciate being able to take your time to get your packing done right.

Retail Storage

Mobile storage for Retail StoresMany retail outlets are seasonal in nature. Because of this, they often have displays or excess seasonal items that are not needed in the store year-round.

Instead of storing these types of things in the back of the shop, taking up valuable space that could otherwise be used for current merchandise, a portable storage container provides a great solution.

Mobile storage can also be used for display fixtures that are rotated in and out of the store on a regular basis. This frees up storage space within the store and enables your business to switch up the design and layout of the store regularly and conveniently. A BigSteelBox can be kept at your store, or we can delivery your container, you pack it at your pace, then we can move it to one of our secure locations and store it for you until you need it back again.

Special Events

Special events can make great use of mobile storage containers, particularly for events that last for more than one day. Rather than leaving seating or other equipment outside overnight, it can be stored safely and securely inside a container.

Portable containers can easily be moved to discreet areas outside of the event grounds so that guests won't even know that they are there. But if a container is needed in a visible area during your event, you can feel better knowing a clean, white BigSteelBox will be delivered to your site.

Once the event is over, containers can be used to transport supplies and gear to a more permanent storage location or to a secure BigSteelBox location. Mobile storage containers give vendors and others showcasing displays at the event, greater flexibility in the materials that they can bring and store both during and after the event takes place.

College Students

It is a conundrum that happens every year: college students finish their spring semester and have to move out of dormitories and other student housing. Whether they move back in with their parents for the summer or find some other form of temporary housing, they still need to find something to do with all of their belongings.

It’s not always feasible to deliver a container to a dormitory or apartment building, but students always have the option of loading their belongings into a container at our secure facility. BigSteelBox also offers smaller containers of 8’ and 10’ that are more affordable options for students who tend to have less.  

This is of particular concern to students who go to a university that is far away from their home. It doesn't make much sense to move all of their belongings back and forth across the country just for the summer. Using a storage container can make the storage process much easier and can save students the hassle of having to move multiple times in one year. When they return to school for the fall semester, their things will already be there waiting for them.

Seasonal Storage

Mobile storage for decluttering you garageWe all have piles and piles of holiday decorations that we only bring out for a few months of the year. Keeping these items in a garage or attic takes up valuable space that could be used for more practical items.

A portable storage container can provide a great solution to this problem, enabling you to store your holiday decorations when they are not needed and easily bring them out once the holiday season rolls around again.

In addition to holiday decor, mobile storage can also be used for seasonal sporting equipment, like motorcycles and boating equipment. For example, you can use your container to stow water sports equipment like jet skis and pool floats during the winter, and then swap them out to store your skis, snowboards and snow blower during the summer. This way, all of this unused equipment won't be taking up extra space at your house or in your garage. Just remember that equipment fuel tanks should be empty when that are stored inside a BigSteelBox.

BigSteelBox Has Everything You Need

Here at BigSteelBox, we offer a broad range of mobile storage solutions to suit your needs. Choose a 20’ Box for big jobs like moving, or go for a smaller, 10’ Box if you need less space for things like a few boxes of holiday decorations and seasonal items. Whatever your storage needs, we BigSteelBox can help!

We strive to make the storage process as easy and convenient for you as possible. That's why we'll bring the storage container directly to you and bring it back to our storage facility. This way, there's no need to load and unload everything twice.

To learn more about our mobile storage options and how we can help you, call us at 1-800-373-1187 or get in touch with us online. We'll be happy to discuss our services with you in more detail.

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