Top 5 Questions to Ask When Looking for Self Storage

Self storage at a BigSteelBox storage facilityIf you’ve done online searches for “self storage near me”, you’ve realized that there are several options out there. And, you probably have questions about them all...

From storage pods and storage lockers, to mini storage and portable storage units, each offers something a little different.

We invite you to look at some comparisons we’ve put together, such as:

If you’re considering renting a BigSteelBox portable storage container for your storage needs, and have questions, we want to help.

Here are the Top 5 Questions to Ask When Looking for Self Storage

We asked our Storage Consultants for the most common questions they get from customers when they’re considering renting a BigSteelBox.

1) Will my contents be at risk if they're stored in a BigSteelBox all year long?

A common misconception is that heated storage is a major benefit to long term self storage. This is actually not true for the vast majority of our customers. Heated storage will cost you more with little benefit to your stored items.

A BigSteelBox is wind, water and rodent-proof, so your items will be protected from the elements. In fact, many major retail stores like Walmart and Home Depot use our shipping containers year-round to store their excess inventory, so a typical homeowner’s contents will also be safe.

One exception to this rule would be for the storage of flammable products, such as paint, solvents, or chemicals. If you plan to store items like this, heated storage with proper ventilation will be a safer option. In some cases, modifying a shipping container to suit these needs is the best solution.

You would need to add vents to low and high points on both ends of a BigSteelBox to provide cross-ventilation that will allow pressure to release and fumes to escape outside of the container. Without proper ventilation, pressure can build up inside the container and cause a serious safety risk in the event of a fire inside, or near the container.

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2) If I store my container at a BigSteelBox Store will I be able to access contents when I need to?

Yes! Even while your BigSteelBox is stored at one of our storage facilities, you can still get access to your things when you need to. We just ask our customers to call their BigSteelBox Store 24 hours notice before they need to get into their storage container. With notice, we will make sure your Box brought down to our safe customer access area on the day of your visit (Note: access to loaded containers on our sites is available at most locations - contact us for details).

Please note, we charge a small storage and handling fee to keep your container at a BigSteelBox yard, which our Storage Consultants will explain during the quoting process.

3) Is your storage facility secure?

When your BigSteelBox is stored at one of our secure storage facilities you don't have to worry about anyone having access to your belongings because you keep the key.

Each storage container is equipped with a Lock Box, which protects the padlock from being accessible to bolt cutters. You put the padlock on your container, so only you can get in. It’s a simple thing that will give you peace of mind. Plus, all BigSteelBox storage facilities are fenced, and the gates are locked outside of open hours.

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4) When I need customer service, will I be able to get a hold of a person?


Yes! Customer service is one of our top priorities, and something we’re proud to say sets us apart from our competitors.

In fact, one of the BigSteelBox Company Values is:

“We Genuinely Care for People: Our customers are real people with busy lives. By listening to them and understanding their needs, we strive to deliver the right solution. We are fair, we are kind, and we look for opportunities to show compassion.”

We have more locations across Canada than any other mobile storage company, which allows us to serve our customers better, especially when it comes to moving.

We also have a Contact Centre that is available to take calls from 5am-7pm PST Monday to Friday, 7am-6pm (PST) on Saturdays and Sundays, and 5am-5pm PST on Statutory Holidays. As such, it's very easy for our customers across Canada to get a hold of a Storage Consultant when they need to.

5) Will I pay what I’ve been quoted, or will there hidden or additional fees on my final bill?

Providing a great customer experience is very important to us at BigSteelBox, and part of that is being transparent about our fees and pricing. Container rental prices and transportation fees vary from city to city, so we have outlined basic prices for each of our Stores in the Locations section of our website.

Once we have all the information about your storage needs or your move, we will provide with an “all-inclusive” price that also breaks it down by item. Once you accept and sign your rental agreement with BigSteelBox, it’s pretty simple… as long as you don’t require more Boxes or additional moves at some point, the price we quote you is the price you will pay.

Still have questions about Self Storage with BigSteelBox?

Have more questions about self storage? Think renting a BigSteelBox is a good option for your self storage needs? Feel free to contact us any time by requesting your free quote online or by giving us a call at 1-800-373-1187.

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