The Spring Melt is On! Prevent Flooding in Your Home

Prevent flooding in your home - BigSteelBoxSnow melts at different speeds across Canada, but as soon as spring hits your city, it's a good time to think about protecting our belongings so they are not subject to water damage due to flooding.

Whether you have melting mountains of snow looming outside your front door or not, none of us have a crystal ball to show us if the spring is going to bring us a flooded basement, garage, yard, or shed.

If you’re afraid of potential water damage to your home, or you’ve had water in your basement in the past, we recommend being proactive about it. Storing your things in a BigSteelBox will help you to rest easy knowing that all your priceless memorabilia is safe and sound should flooding happen.

Here are a few tips for protecting your belongings from flood damage:

  1. Don't wait until flooding has started to take steps to control damage. Rent a secure storage container, like a BigSteelBox, that is wind, water and rodent-proof to store basement furniture, tools or valuable items.
  2. If you don't have room for a storage container on your property, or if you anticipate water levels preventing you from opening the Box, you can have your loaded container moved to a secure BigSteelBox storage facility to keep items safe in the event of a flood. You’ll still have access to your belongings and we can redeliver your Box whenever you like.
  3. Moving-Truck-delivery_300.jpgElectrical tools can be a safety hazard when exposed to water. Store any unnecessary electric tools, like a lawn mower or power drill, outside of your home in a secure storage container. Make sure the fuel is removed prior.
  4. If you do experience a flood in your home, be sure to take safety precautions such as to turn off all water and electrical sources to your home, wear protective gear if you enter the home, and contact a restoration company as soon as possible for an inspection. Here are more tips on what to do after a flood in your home.
  5. In cases of flood damage when an insurance claim is opened, a restoration company will likely be hired to repair the damage. Restoration companies are available to homeowners to consult on what options are available, and ensure their needs are met.

A BigSteelBox Storage Consultant can advise you on the perfect size Box for your storage needs. We’ll bring the storage container to you and after it’s packed, you can store it at your place or at one of our secure locations. We’ll do whatever it takes to keep precious cargo safe!

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