Shipping Container Rentals: The Ideal Mobile Storage Solution

loading a shipping containerMany people have already realized that shipping container rentals are ideal for moving and residential storage, but they're also very useful for businesses and organizations.

Portable storage containers have plenty of other uses in many different industries: construction, renovation, retail, and commercial companies have all found renting a shipping container is a great solution to their business' storage needs.

Shipping container (or sea can) rentals come in a variety of sizes. BigSteelBox carries shipping containers from 8' - 40' (or even larger), but the most common size we rent are 10' and 20' Boxes. Learn more about shipping container sizes.

We offer mobile storage solutions for all kinds of needs — big or small. It’s time to think outside of the box when it comes to portable storage!

Secure Mobile Storage for the Construction Industry

Shipping container rental shown delivered to construction site | BigSteelBoxRenting steel storage containers for construction sites is a popular and secure way to store for materials, tools and equipment.

We can usually deliver or relocated a BigSteelBox within 24 hours, so as your construction site evolves, your Box can move with you. BigSteelBox shipping containers are high quality. They can withstand the wear and tear of a construction workplace and the harsh Canadian winters.

A container can usually be placed anywhere you want on the job site — even into tight spots, as long as you have 70-feet of space in a straight line for the placement.

BigSteelBox shipping container rentals are made of 8-gauge galvanized steel, which ensures they are exceptionally secure. The are wind, water, and rodent-proof, and fire resistant. 

Safety should come first. Portable storage containers should have a padlock that is housed within a lock box for extra security. Every BigSteelBox rental is equipped with a lock box that protect your padlock from bolt cutters. Learn more about the security features of a BigSteelBox.

Shipping Container Offices for Construction Site

Most companies managing large construction projects have shipping containers on the job site. They will also have site offices, which means they are no longer running things from their vehicle.

Site offices are commonly wood-frame trailers, but they can also be made from a shipping container. A shipping container office is more durable and secure than a trailer.

BigSteelBox portable container offices are designed to stand up against the harshest of elements and last a very long time. Learn more about BigSteelBox mobile offices.

Mobile Storage Containers for the Retail Industry

Commercial and Retail shipping container rental | BigSteelBoxRenting shipping containers for storage is an excellent way to store excess inventory for retail businesses. They can also be used to store seasonal items year-round.

Renting a storage box relieves temporary and time-consuming inventory challenges. Now you can expand your inventory with ease!

BigSteelBox rents shipping container in a variety of sizes and we can deliver right to your location, usually within 24 hours of your order. Your portable storage container can be placed close to a building or in a parking lot and require minimal clearance.

Designed to protect items from the elements, you can be sure your inventory is safe when it is inside the container.

You want to make a good impression on your customers, so we understand the condition and look of your storage container matters. Rest assured your BigSteelBox will arrive clean, white, and with minimal decals, so it will look great next to your business.

Portable Storage Containers for Hotel Renovations

The perfect storage solution during hotel renovations are shipping container rentals that can be stored on the hotel property. This affordable solution will keep all hotel furniture and even seasonal items safe and secure for the duration of your renovation.

This type of portable storage allows the hotel to use meeting rooms or guest rooms to create revenue, instead of using them for storage.

You can even supply one for the construction company so they keep the parking lot clean, tidy, and respectable for your clients. A BigSteelBox is a clean, professional storage option that will look great outside your hotel.

Shipping Container Rental Options for Restaurants

Everyone loves restaurants that offer street side tables and patios, but what do businesses do with outdoor furniture when winter arrives? Renting a BigSteelBox shipping container is a great option for storing seasonal items for restaurants.

Save time and money by having a container dropped right at your establishment. Load up your tables and chairs and then give BigSteelBox a call when you're done. We will pick it up and move it to one of our secure locations for as long as you need it stored.

When spring arrives you BigSteelBox can be delivered back to your restaurant as soon as you’re ready.

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