Top 4 Uses for a Portable Self Storage Unit

BigSteelBox mobile storage container in a drivewayWe all need a little extra storage space at some point! From furniture to seasonal toys and gear, or your high school yearbooks and family photo albums, it all adds up.

If you're finding that 'stuff' is taking over your home, a portable self-storage unit, like a BigSteelBox, could be the solution to your problem.


Here are 4 common situations when extra storage space comes in handy:

1) Downsizing a Home

Renting a portable self storage unit after downsizing can be especially helpful if you have seasonal items that you won’t use throughout the year but you no longer have room to keep them in your home.

BigSteelBox allows you to keep a storage unit on your property so you can easily switch out your things as the seasons change, or if you don’t have space on your property to keep the Box, you can have it moved to one of our secure storage facilities and still be able to have access to it when you need to.

Downsizing your home can save you money and simplify your life, but it doesn’t mean you have to get rid of all of your possessions. Here are a few things you might not be ready to part with that will be perfectly safe and secure inside a BigSteelBox:

  • Furniture, end tables, lamps, or art.
  • Filing cabinets with important papers.
  • Boxes of old photographs.
  • Collections that you’ve worked on throughout the years.
  • Sentimental items, like your children's baby clothes and toys.

2) Home Renovations


If you’re planning a renovation to the inside of your home, or even a large-scale landscaping project outside, then you’ll need to clear some space to get it done. A portable storage unit is the ideal solution.

Keeping a storage unit at your home can be handy and affordable. And, having a storage container right outside your front door to hold your things beats piling them all into another room of your home or taking up your entire garage during the renovation.

Having your stuff out of the way will make the project easier and it will keep your furniture and other valuables clean and safe from possible damage. And let’s be honest, renovations always take longer than anticipated, so having your things stored safely in a BigSteelBox will make the whole process easier and less stressful.

Plus, a mobile storage unit can also be a great place to store tools and materials during the reno! BigSteelBoxes are extremely secure, so you won’t have to worry about weather damage or theft.

Not sure how much storage space you need? A BigSteelBox storage consultant can help you decide what size of portable storage unit is right for you.

3) Long Distance Move


A. If you’re moving to a new city or town and the move-in date of your new home doesn’t line up with your arrival.


B. You’re moving to a new city or town and you don’t yet have a permanent residence there yet. Maybe you’re just planning to rent for the first few months while you look for a new home. Or, maybe you’re staying with family or friends while you house-hunt.

In either of the situations above, renting a BigSteelBox storage unit is a great solution for both your long distance move and temporary storage needs.

Here’s How it Works:
We’ll deliver a storage container to your current home, and you can take as long as you need to pack it. When you’re done packing, we’ll pick up your loaded BigSteelBox and move it to the secure storage facility in your new city and store it for you until you’re ready to have it delivered to your new home.

If you need to access your belongings at the BigSteelBox location before you move into your new home, that’s easily done with a business day’s notice. This way, you only have to worry about moving your family to your new city, not all of your stuff.

Plus, portable self-storage containers, like BigSteelBoxes, can be more affordable than traditional movers who charge by weight. Check out this post on how BigSteelBox compares to full service movers: 4 Tips to Make Sure Your Long Distance Move Goes Smoothly

Biggest Advantages of Using a BigSteelBox Storage Unit for a Long Distance Move:

  • You pack on your own timeline. You can order a your BigSteelBox moving container to be delivered to your home a week, or month in advance – whatever time frame suits your needs – then, pack it at your pace. There’s no need to fit all the stress of packing into one day!

  • There is a fixed, packaged moving price with BigSteelBox, so you know what it will cost ahead of time. Unless you need an extra Box, the price we quote you is the price you will pay.

    For long distance moves, most full-service companies charge based on weight, so it’s important to know the weight the estimate is based on. If the actual weight measured at the scale is more than on the estimate, the customer would end up paying more on the final invoice.

    On average, the weight of a full 20’ BigSteelBox (which is generally the contents of a 3 - 4 bedroom home with an average amount of furniture, less the appliances) is about 7,000 pounds, however, the the contents weight capacity of a BigSteelBox is up to 10,000 pounds.

    If you have a 3 - 4 bedroom home and another moving company is quoting you an estimate based something less than 5,000 pounds, you should be aware that the actual cost could be much higher when your bill arrives.

  • You have the option to keep your storage unit at one of our secure storage facilities if you can’t move it to your new home right away. You can still access your BigSteelBox at the storage yard, just call your Store ahead of time, giving them at least 24 hours notice so they have time to bring your BigSteelBox down for you (Note: access to loaded containers on our site is available at most locations - contact us for details).

4) Storage for Antiques and Family Heirlooms

Family heirlooms and antiques can have sentimental value (and likely a dollar value), but they don’t always work with your home decor. If you’ve inherited collectibles, artwork or large pieces of furniture over the years, then a self-storage unit could be the way to go.

Keep in mind, a BigSteelBox is wind, water and rodent-proof, and fire-resistant, but they are not temperature-controlled. So, if your family heirlooms may be susceptible to damage from extreme hot or cold (depending on the climate where you live) then a mobile storage unit may not be the best choice.

One of our knowledgeable Storage Consultants would be happy to help if you have questions about whether or not a BigSteelBox is the right storage option for you.

Tips to keeping antiques safe while in storage:

If you decide a storage container is the best option to keep your antiques safe, make sure to follow these tips when moving them into a BigSteelBox:

  • Polish wood furniture before you put it into storage. The right polish can keep the wood moisturized while it’s packed away and prevent damage.
  • Cover furniture with blankets or towels and wrap any glass pieces in bubble wrap.
  • Make sure all fabric is clean and completely dry before you put it into your storage unit to prevent mold from forming.
  • Elevate your furniture on wooden pallets to encourage airflow around your things.
  • Store mirrors and paintings standing up, never lay them flat.
  • Make sure not to track moisture into the Box from mud on your shoes.
  • Consider using desiccants (moisture absorbers) in the Box. They are cheap and can prevent any mold or mildew that would build up from trapped moisture.

If you need some extra storage for your things, give BigSteelBox a call 1-800-373-1187! We’ll be happy to answer your question and find a way to meet your storage needs.

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