Benefits of Renting a BigSteelBox

BigSteelBox Storage YardRenting a BigSteelBox is convenient, flexible and gives you peace of mind.

Whether you require short or long-term storage, BigSteelBox has a number of solutions to meet your needs. We have many shipping containers for sale, but even if you require a permanent storage solution, renting a BigSteelBox may be the best option for you.

Low monthly payments and no concerns over a future resale are just a couple of great reasons to rent. Here are a few other things to consider when deciding if you should rent or buy your storage container:

When you rent a BigSteelBox, we provide you with a container, but we also service all of your transportation needs. When you’re finished with your BigSteelBox, it takes nothing more than a phone call to have it picked up. If you’re using it on a job site, there is no need to store it in between jobs, or worry about selling it when the job is complete.

Reduced Liability
BigSteelBox offers affordable optional vandalism protection, which reduces liability and further out of pocket expenses for you should graffiti occur to your container.

Professional Appearance
When image is important you can trust that you’ll always receive a clean, bright BigSteelBox that properly represents your brand and your image. No one wants a rusty old container in their driveway, yard or on their construction site!

BigSteelBoxes are mobile storage, so they can be placed and moved when required. Renting also allows you to switch up the size of Box you use, so you are free to pick and choose when and where you’d like larger or smaller storage containers.

Call today to see how we can help with your storage needs: 1-800-373-1187.

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