Discount Moving Truck Rental: What Everybody Knows (And Maybe You Should Too)

Discount Moving Truck Rental vs BigSteelBoxIf you are planning a local or long distance move on a budget and, like most people, you don’t happen to have a friend with a pickup willing to help you, you’re going to be looking to rent your own moving truck.

There is a lot of money to be saved in do-it-yourself moving but the costs can certainly add up when you’re renting a truck.

If you are trying to save money, moving yourself can help reduce costs. However, if you are moving during a peak time or do not plan properly it can still be pricey.

While you are comparing different quotes and deciding on a cheap moving truck rental company, keep the following tips in mind.

These tips are so simple anyone can use them but with a little added effort you can save plenty on your moving expenses.

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Considering Hiring Low Cost Movers?

Do yourself a favour and read 'The Consumer Checklist for Choosing a Moving Company' provided by the Government of Canada.

Considering Moving and Storage Companies?

Moving-Truck_350.jpgLong distance moves are typically less expensive and more simple with a portable storage container company like BigSteelBox.

Play around with Moving Dates/Locations

  • Most budget truck rental companies will have an online cost calculator on their website. Use this to see how adjusting your moving dates and pickup/drop-off location affects the price.

  • Sometimes extending your move or dropping off the truck at an alternate location can drastically change the cost. Double check!

  • If you have flexibility in your moving schedule, consider asking the truck rental companies how changing your dates will affect your quote.


  • Collect quotes from local moving truck rental companies and see who is providing the cheapest estimates. Never allow a moving truck rental company sales rep to persuade you into thinking a second quote is useless.

  • Return to the other companies and ask them if they can match the best quote.

  • Even if companies can’t match the cheapest truck rental quote, they may be willing to throw in extras or reduce the price on certain add-ons to keep you interested.

  • Look for online bargains, sales, and coupons. Ask for your discount up front and ask that it be included in writing on your quote.

  • Just before your move, check back on the website to see if they are offering any promotions or if your estimated cost is lower online. If so, call and see if they will match the price. Be diligent!

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Plan in Advance

  • Start your planning in advance. You will need time to do your research and allow companies to send and readjust their quotes. Yeah, it is a hassle. Here is a handy Moving To Do List you can print or save to your smartphone to help get you started.

  • Have a backup plan. Everyone has heard the horror story of "reserving" a cheap moving truck only to find out on the morning of your move the truck is unavailable.

  • Avoid major moving times. For example, if you are able to plan your move and do not have a tight deadline, do your best to avoid the last weekend of the month. These times will always be busy and an excuse for them to charge you more for your "discount truck rental".

  • Call all parties involved in the days leading up to the move. Even if you have scheduled your truck, call to confirm. Make sure your quote is confirmed in writing and clarify all details to avoid any last minute surprises!

Beware of "Too-Good-To-Be-True" Quotes

  • If one of your cheap discount moving truck rental quotes is significantly less than the others, question how they are offering this price before rushing to work with them.

  • Call and ask other local moving truck rental companies to match the quote. Generally, they will be able to tell you why they cannot meet the lower price and explain additional charges the other company may be hiding.

  • Ask for clarification if companies offer 24-hour truck rentals. Many companies will advertise this but there are many exceptions.


Budget Truck Rental: Quality Check

  • In your research, look for moving truck rental reviews. You can check up on the quality of the trucks from each company.

  • Take note of any damage or issues with the moving truck rental before you leave the premises.

  • If you are planning long distance move, it is very important you make sure your truck is in good shape. Some of the best rental moving truck deals can come with a catch!

Cheap Moving Truck Rental: Ask for Recommendations

  • Your friends, neighbours, family, and coworkers are your best bet for getting a trustworthy recommendation for a budget truck rental.

  • The more people you ask, the better idea you will have of what moving truck rental companies have a good reputation for customer service, truck upkeep, and cost.

  • If you are moving across Canada or looking for the cheapest way to move long distance, make sure to ask people specifically about long distance relocation and confirm the company they recommend has locations in your new city.

Did you know?

BigSteelBox provides storage on demand in more locations across Canada than any other mobile storage company!

Moving can feel like a big task for some and deciding which company you are going to rent your truck from is only one of many tasks to complete before moving day.

In order to choose a reliable discount moving truck rental it is important to start early and gather as much information as possible.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate and take advantage of online offers or ways to decrease costs like extending/reducing your rental days or dropping off in an alternate location.

If you want to get rid of the hassle of renting a moving truck and feel prepared and more relaxed on moving day, you should consider moving with BigSteelBox. There is no need to pack all the stress of moving into one day!

Visit our Locations page to choose the BigSteelBox Store nearest you. You can always request your free quote from us anytime by calling us at 1-800-373-1187 or request a free quote online.


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