"His & Hers" Storage Containers – The perfect solution for couples who BOTH need storage!

Two 10-foot shipping containers | BigSteelBoxRecently, we worked with a married couple who was moving into a new home, and they each needed storage for very different items.

The wife needed storage for her lovely, decorative household items, and the husband needed storage for his grimy garage stuff, tools, and lawn equipment.

We found the best way to compromise and make this arrangement work for both customers was to rent them two 10-foot BigSteelBoxes – one "used" container for his stuff, and one clean, brand new container for her stuff. This way the contents never got mixed, dirty or contaminated, which made both parties very happy.

The two BigSteelBoxes were placed in front of two different garages (house garage and workshop garage) at their new home, and it wasn’t hard to tell which container belonged to which homeowner, however, both customers knew their things would stay safe and dry inside their respective storage containers.

BigSteelBox rents and sells a variety of container types and sizes. Contact your nearest BigSteelBox Store today to see how we can solve your moving or storage problem: 1-800-373-1187.

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