Whole Foods Market Uses a BigSteelBox as their Holiday Service Centre

Whole Foods Market store on Robson Street in Vancouver uses BigSteelBox are holiday centreThe Whole Foods Market store on Robson Street in Vancouver has come up with a brilliant way to use their BigSteelBox! They’ve placed it in their parking lot to act as their Holiday Service Centre and to house themed Pop Up Food Stations.

The container was originally placed outside the Robson Street Whole Foods Market entrance to be a place for customers to pick up their pre-ordered turkeys before thanksgiving.

What the store staff quickly found was that not only did having the Box outside of the store make the entire pick-up process easier for the customers, it also resulted in less congestion inside the store. Plus, the Market saw their holiday orders increase by 140%!

Since the use of the BigSteelBox as a customer kiosk was so successful during thanksgiving, the Whole Foods Market has decided to do the same thing for Christmas pre-orders. In the meantime, they’ve been using the Box to feature themed Pop Up Stations, such as the New Orleans Street Food Vendor (in photo), and an area for people to sample products, pick up tickets to events, and even sit down to enjoy on-site performers.

If your business needs storage or a creative way to engage customers and increase your customer traffic, you can learn more about the advantages of renting a BigSteelBox here.

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