Store Tire Inventory and Customer Tires for an Additional Revenue Source

Tire Storage from BigSteelBox helps tire shops generate more revenueDemand for tires changes with the seasons, and it’s important for tire shops to have stock available when customers need it.

When you put your extra inventory in a BigSteelBox, you’ll have more tires on hand to sell when demand goes up. Here are just a couple ways portable storage containers can help your tire business:

Have Extra Inventory On Hand when Demand Goes Up in the Fall

In almost every part of Canada, the greatest demand for new and winter tires is in the fall season, right before the first snowfall hits. Drivers want to make sure their vehicle is safe and ready for all weather conditions, so the urgency for new tires is very high.

So, to prepare for the busiest time of year, shops order extra inventory so they have more tires on hand to sell when demand goes up.

If you’re like most tire retailers and service centres, the fall season is critical to the success of your business. BigSteelBox offers the perfect storage solution to keep that inventory safe, and right outside your store. Renting a BigSteelBox will make your busy time of year easier and more profitable.

Earn Additional Revenue by Providing Tire Storage to Customers

Do you offer Tire Valet services to your customers? If not, you may be missing a big opportunity to earn extra revenue and create a lasting relationship with your customers.

Nobody likes dealing with the hassle of storing and changing tires over every fall and spring, and some customers don’t have room to store their extra set of tires at home when they don’t need them.

Many people will pay your shop to provide tire storage for them. When you rent a BigSteelBox, you can offer customers a valuable storage service that is affordable and convenient for them, which will in turn be an additional revenue source for your shop.

We Bring the Storage to You

We’ll deliver a BigSteelBox to your store, so you’ll have quick and easy access to your inventory. If you don’t have room on your property to keep the container long-term, we can move it to our yard until you need it back again. Many of our yards are able to offer easy access to your container when you need it, so give us a call to see if this is an option in your city.

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