Renting a BigSteelBox for Storage Helps Businesses Increase Profits

BigSteelBox hotel storageWe’ve worked with a many owners and general managers of hotels and apartments who had previously been using a vacant room or apartment for storage during a renovation, or just to storage general items they needed to keep clean and safe. But, after discussing their storage needs, they quickly realize that renting a BigSteelBox for storage is a much more cost-effective option for them.

The monthly cost of renting a storage container is a fraction of the potential revenue that can be earned from renting out the space or room that is being used as storage. In the case of hotels and motels, which can earn about $100 per night from each room, the monthly cost of their BigSteelBox is paid off in as little as two nights!

A prime example of a situation where renting a BigSteelBox can help businesses maximize their revenue is when large events come to town. When Prince George, BC, hosted the the Jeux du Canada Winter Games, and the city didn't have enough beds to accommodate the large influx of athletes, coaches, parents and spectators who will be coming to the city during that time.

In preparation for this big event, we worked with hotels and motels to empty out their storage rooms in order to create as much vacancy as possible. This helped the visitors who needed accommodations in the city during the Winter Games, but it also helped local businesses maximize their profits as much as possible.

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