Renting a BigSteelBox the Ideal Solution for Storing Snow Removal Equipment

By Michael Wilson, BigSteelBox Regional Manager

Bobcat snow removal - storage for snow removal equipment - BigSteelBoxOne of our customers, who operates a snow removal business, recently explained to me why he feels so strongly that renting BigSteelBoxes for the storage of his equipment is a key factor in his business’s success.

This customer requires storage for his Bobcats, snowblowers, skid steers and sidewalk sweepers. In the past he has had a skid steer bucket stolen off a work site and the tires of his equipment slashed when they weren’t kept in storage. He soon realized that the cost to replace the stolen bucket would have paid for 6 months of rent on a BigSteelBox.

For this customer, renting a BigSteelBox makes sense because keeping his equipment safe quickly pays for itself. It’s far less expensive in the long run to rent a Box than having to deal with down time incurred due to equipment loss or damage and vandalism, or paying insurance premiums. Plus, knowing his gear is safe offers peace of mind and allows him to avoid the stress of dealing with damage or lost equipment.

Storage for Bobcats and snow removal equipment | BigSteelBoxLocal retail and commercial businesses also appreciate it when snow removal companies use a BigSteelBox for storage because it keeps their parking lots tidy, and avoids having equipment scattered around their building.

BigSteelBoxes always arrive clean and professional looking, they have Lock Boxes installed to protect your padlock, and we will deliver your storage container quickly, when and where you need it. And, we always tell our customers that for safety reasons, machinery fuel tanks should be empty when they are stored inside the Box. Learn more about the security features of a BigSteelBox.

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