Live Loading a Big Advantage for Businesses

BSB-Truck-Hwy_389.jpgDid you know most of our Stores across Canada have their own BigSteelBox trucks?

This is a major advantage to businesses who are looking for fast, affordable and flexible storage solutions. Having our own delivery trucks means BigSteelBox doesn't have to rely on other third party towing companies to move our containers for us.

Here are just a couple of ways this will benefit your business or organization:

1) Fast, Efficient Delivery & Pick Up
Having our own trucks allows us more flexibility to deliver and pick up on your timeline. We always do our very best work with your schedule, providing fast and efficient service to your home or business.

2) Live Loading for Businesses
Live loading is a service we offer businesses that prefer or require dock level access, such as Value Village or Salvation Army locations. We leave the BigSteelBox on our truck while it is being loaded and unloaded, saving you time and money.  

Live loading is also a great storage option for businesses that are restricted from having additional storage units on site, such as at shopping malls.  Keeping the BigSteelBox on the truck during loading and unloading ensures that your yard, loading bay or parking lot remains clutter-free and open for customer traffic or deliveries.

Contact your nearest BigSteelBox Store today to see how we can meet your business’s storage needs: 1-800-373-1187.

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