How to Make Your Business or Organization’s Spring Cleaning Project Easier with Mobile Storage

Storage container rental in retail parking lotSpring is right around the corner (hurray!!) so it’s time for us all to start thinking about spring cleaning and organizing, and to make a plan so that the process is as painless as possible.

When we talk about spring cleaning, most of us think about clearing our garages and sheds at home. However, it’s also something businesses like retail stores, restaurants and hotels, as well as schools and churches, have to plan.

Mobile Storage Solutions for Retailers, Restaurants & Hotels

It’s important for businesses to keep their establishments clean and organized for their customers, and free from clutter and unsightly maintenance equipment. Institutional sites also have seasonal items and equipment that need to be stored over the summer months. Having a mobile storage unit can help with this.

Spring and summer are also the most popular times of year for businesses and organizations to renovate, which is another instance that portable storage can come in very handy.

We can place a BigSteelBox just about anywhere, and our storage containers are wind, water and rodent-proof, so your equipment will stay safe. Our rental containers also come equipped with a lock box to protect your padlock from bolt cutters, so you don’t have to worry about theft. You can also have shelving brackets added to your Box to make it even more efficient.

Here are the top 4 uses for a BigSteelBox during the spring cleaning or improvement project of your business or organization:

1) Storage for Winter Equipment

Storage container at commercial locationMost business, organizations, schools and churches have snow removal equipment like snow blowers, Bobcats, and shovels that they need to keep clean and secure over the summer months. They also have summer equipment, like lawn mowers, brooms and other yard maintenance equipment that needs to be kept safe year-round. 

Many facilities also have regulations against storing equipment that requires fuel in their buildings for fire and safety reasons. A 10’ or 20’ BigSteelBox will give you plenty of room to safely store any or all of these items, but please note that we also recommend that any fuel tanks should be empty while equipment is being stored in the container.

2) Storage for Excess Seasonal Items and Inventory

Retailers are always dealing with the management of inventory. A mobile storage unit may be the perfect option for keeping excess inventory clean, dry and safe until you can return it to the warehouse or sell it in the next season.

3) Christmas Decorations


Christmas is a holiday that tends to come with a lot of decorations – many of them large and bulky. Don’t try to squeeze them all into a back storage room or into a room that would be better used for things you need to access during the summer months!

Order a BigSteelBox in the size that will work best for your needs and have the peace of mind that your decorations will be in the exact same condition as you packed them come next December.

4) Storage During a Renovation

Renovations often kick off in the spring, so plan ahead to avoid clutter or lost revenue while construction is in progress.

For schools and churches, a BigSteelBox is a great storage option for things like desks, tables, chairs, and filing cabinets that you need to keep safe and dry, but may also need access to during the renovation.

For hotels, it makes more financial sense to rent a storage container as opposed to using revenue-generating space to house extra items. In most cases the monthly cost of their BigSteelBox is paid off in one night! Don’t use your extra rooms to store furniture and other items during a reno – store them in a BigSteelBox!

We Bring the Storage to You

You can keep your BigSteelBox at your location for as long as you need it, or we can pick it up once it’s loaded and store it at one of our secure yards until you need it back again.

Call us today to see how we can help with your spring cleaning or project at 1-800-373-1187 or request your free quote online now.

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