Best Ways to Use a Shipping Container

When planning a do-it-yourself move or looking for extra storage, many people still think about traditional methods first, such as renting a self storage locker or moving truck. However, more and more people are realizing that an easier, more convenient option for both is renting a shipping container!

The versatility and accessibility of a shipping container can be a huge asset for many people and businesses. Here are a few situations when renting a BigSteelBox is the perfect solution:

Staging a Home for Sale

When listing a home for sale, it’s a good idea to declutter and remove some personal items from your home and garage. This helps potential buyers see how your home might work from them. Decluttering and staging your home is easier with a BigSteelBox.

If you have excess stuff taking up the spare bedroom, too much furniture, or items hidden in every closet, temporarily storing your personal belongings outside of your home can help get your home “open house” ready.

A BigSteelBox can be delivered to your home as far in advance of your move as needed. You can use it to store some of your household items, and it’s also a great way to get a head start on your packing!

Disaster Relief During Restoration

You never know when disaster can strike. Flooding, fires, structural damage, and other times of emergency can be hectic and require immediate attention. A BigSteelBox can be delivered quickly to your location so you can act fast to save your belongings from additional damage and keep them safe while repairs are being made.

If a restoration company is hired for the clean-up, be sure to ask them about using a container during the process. The rental cost is almost always covered by the insurance claim.

In addition, shipping containers are perfect for companies that are renovating or need last minute on-site storage in response to an emergency or quick expansion.

Short Term Storage for Businesses

Whether you need storage for seasonal inventory or furniture, additional space at a school or community centre, or a secure place to keep things during a business renovation, a portable storage unit is a great option.

We bring the storage to you, so your items always be easily accessible on site. Plus, BigSteelBoxes are extremely secure. Our rental containers are wind, water and rodent-proof, and come equipped with a steel lock box that protects your padlock from bolt cutters, so you can rest assured know your items will be safe.

Work Site Office

BigSteelBox Shipping Container OfficeWe have 8’x20′ container offices built from new, one-trip BigSteelBox shipping containers available for rent from many of our locations, and for sale through all our stores across Canada. Because we have stock on hand, these finished offices can usually be ordered and delivered on a relatively short timeline.

BigSteelBox offices are primarily used on construction sites and in industrial settings, but there are many other applications for them. Wherever a comfortable, temporary workspace is required, a container office is a great solution.

Because our mobile offices are made of corten corrugated steel, they’re designed to be used in the harshest climates and can be easily moved when needed without the fear of causing damage to the structure of the building.

Everyday Short-Term Storage

If you own a property with a driveway or room to place a container, why travel to a self-serve storage facility to load your items? A BigSteelBox storage unit comes to you!

Instead of driving back and forth to a storage facility, a shipping container allows you to store your winter goods, ATVs, extra furniture, tools, etc. on your own property. The convenience of a BigSteelBox, backed by our amazing team of Storage Consultants and Placement Technicians, means you’ll feel better about your overall experience.

If you’re using your BigSteelBox during a home renovation, or you just want to keep it well-organized, ask us about adding shelving to your BigSteelBox.

New Addition to the Family

Baby on the way? Grandma coming to stay with you for a few months to help out?

If you’re preparing for a new member of the family or need to create an additional living area in your home, renting a shipping container is a great way to make some space without having to get rid of your belongings or move to a new home.

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