Storage Containers for Rent: Does BigSteelBox Wear The Crown?

Res-Box-Unload-Driveway2_350x215.jpgOnce you have discovered a need for more space, it’s time to start looking for the best solution. There are a many companies that offer storage containers for rent and plenty of truck rental and self-storage options, too. However, if you know what you are looking for the task becomes much easier.

Convenience Is Everything!

The first decision you have to make is whether you want to take the extra step and rent a truck to haul your stuff to a self-storage company. The other option is to rent a portable storage container and have it delivered to your home. Which option sounds easier to you? Ok, so we both agree? Let’s move on then!

There are many types of portable storage units. Determining the right size unit is key to making a decision that makes the most sense for your needs. Perhaps you only need a small storage container. Don’t limit yourself. Investigate companies that have multiple sizes of containers. Once you get started you’ll quickly find there is always more than you anticipated to go into storage.

You will definitely want to take time to consider everything you are putting into storage. Make it easy to organize the steel box for accessibility. Leave room to move around. You will no doubt want to pull something from storage from time-to-time.

BigSteelBox storage containers have hardwood floors and space for shelving.The inside of the container should be efficient. BigSteelBox storage containers have hardwood floors and space for shelving. Be sure to speak to one of our experienced Storage Consultants to learn about adding shelving brackets to your Box.

Before you decide on your choice of container, make sure you have considered the design. Can you easily load and unload boxes and furniture? BigSteelBox offers the best choice; A flat load container with large doors that secure open.

What Kind of Storage?

Talk to your customer service representative (1-800-373-1187 or request your free quote online) about what you will be storing. Do you need temperature-controlled storage? If so, you may be looking for a unit that is indoors rather than a stand-alone container.

BigSteelBox containers are eight gauge ISO certified, ship worthy steel. They are wind and waterproof. They are also fireproof and designed to keep those pesky rodents out of your container. If you’re going to store your container outside, be careful not to rent a storage container made with aluminum panels on a steel frame, because they’re much easier to break into than a completely steel box.

Consider if you will be leaving your container on your property. Take the time to visit the storage company to ensure the container looks pleasant. If you are storing in a residential area rather than transferring to a secure storage location there are some things to consider. Make sure you choose a clean, professional looking container. Your choice is a reflection of you. The last thing you need once you have finished your move is a complaint from a neighbour!

Watch Video: How We Deliver & Load Your BigSteelBox

Choose a company that does not put time limits on your packing and unloading. Who knows what unexpected things can happen when you start deciding what to pack.

Flexibility of choice is important. There should not be a time limit on getting the packing completed. Take your time and do it right the first time. Make sure you choose a residential storage container company that is flexible and willing to bring you a larger (or smaller) container if required.


If you are leaving the container on your property make sure you look into property insurance. Leaving a container on your driveway can sometimes require additional insurance. It’s a good idea to check and confirm.

Storage containers should come equipped with lock boxes to protect your padlock from bolt cutters. This will prevent potential bad guys and burglars from prying off the locks. It should be standard for you to be able to keep the key. Don’t forget to investigate liability for graffiti and vandalism.

Choosing a storage container for your home should be easy. Once you have considered your needs and perhaps started to declutter, locate the companies that will bring the container to you. Many storage container companies have it at a locked location. This means you will have to hire a truck and find a friend who will help you pack, load, and bring the boxes to the storage container. Then to top things off, they keep the key and can require a 48 hour notice of entry!

BigSteelBox is in the residential business and can bring the container with a lock directly to you. We have convenient containers to drop off to your home where and when you need them.

Maybe you have decided that a portable storage solution on your property is not for you. Check into locations where you can store your belongings off site. Consult with a sales representative to see if they will bring the box to you. This will save you the cost of renting a truck and driver.

BigSteelBox will bring the container to you. This allows you to pack and load at your convenience with no time limits. That means you can prepare your container in a manner for easy accessibility. Call your representative when you are finished and schedule a pick up time. Expect friendly service, no hassles and no extra fees!

Consumer Reports

Before you make a final decision on your supplier, check the companies that you selected to ensure they have positive reviews and feedback on their website. Consult consumer reports for negative responses. What are the customer reviews? Moving isn’t easy but if there are multiple negative write-ups on the internet, consider this a huge red flag!

Construction & Commercial Rentals

BigSteelBox has experienced staff that can guide you through the process of reviewing your construction or commercial storage rental needs. Sea cans are an essential piece of equipment to consolidate your construction site storage. Keep power tools and materials safe, secure and accessible throughout your project.

With multiple locations with available storage bins, you can expect exceptional delivery service to your job site.

Watch Video: Storage For Construction Sites

The commercial steel shipping containers are 8 feet to 40 feet and are made of eight-gauge, ISO certified, ship worthy steel. They are water and rodent proof. These commercial bins are great for providing space for larger scale projects and can be modified to create guard shacks, mobile labs, and offices.

When investigating storage containers for rent there is a lot to consider. Take time to consider your options. Do your homework. The rewards will be worth it!

Call your local BigSteelBox Store today to discuss your moving and storage needs at: 1-800-373-1187 or request your free quote online.

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