Portable Storage Containers: The Smart Way To Store Stuff

Bigsteelbox-moving_350.jpgThe majority of people planning a do-it-yourself move, and businesses or households looking for extra storage, are usually thinking about traditional methods.

You can rent a moving truck or a self-serve storage unit, which can be costly and inconvenient, or you can move and store your stuff the smarter way - in a portable storage container!

The versatility and accessibility of a portable storage unit can also be a huge asset when faced with a sudden emergency or expansion.

We’ve listed the most common scenarios where using portable storage would be the most practical and effective solution for you.

We also highlight some of the reasons why a shipping container rental succeeds over more traditional moving and storage solutions. 

Staging a Home for Sale

Are you getting ready to sell your home and need to clear out the clutter? Decluttering and staging your home is easier with BigSteelBox.

When preparing your house to be listed, it is important to keep it clean and tidy while potential homeowners are dropping by.

If you have junk taking up the spare bedroom or items hidden in every closet, temporarily storing your personal belongings in a shipping container rental can help get your home "open house" ready.

Once you have it packed, the container can be stored at a BigSteelBox secure off-site location so your home can be shown and the storage unit is out of sight.

Not only can this help you sell your home faster but it gives you time to go through your lesser used items at a later date.

This can also give you a head start on moving, because some of your belongings will already be packed.

Disaster Relief

Man pulling up carpet | home flooded You never know when disaster can strike. Flooding, fires, structural damage, and other times of emergency can be hectic and require immediate attention.

Shipping container rentals can be quickly brought to your location. You can act fast to quickly save your belongings from additional damage and keep them safe while repairs are being made.

If a restoration company is hired for the clean-up, be sure to ask them about using a container for the clean up. It would almost always be covered by the insurance claim.

In addition, it is perfect for companies that are renovating or need emergency on-site storage in response to an emergency or quick expansion.

Since there is no long-term contract, you can easily move your items back in once repairs have been completed.

When it's empty just make a quick call (1-800-373-1187) to have the onsite mobile storage container picked up.

Short Duration Storage

Renting a self-serve storage unit or storage locker can come with a long-term commitment that does not always suit your needs.

Whether you need a storage container for seasonal inventory, additional space for a school or community centre or to house goods for a marathon or convention, if your needs are short term, a mobile unit is your best bet.

Your items are easily accessible on site and can be used for a month or a few months, fitting almost any timeline.

Lots of Room on Property

fam-in-box_350.jpgMost families have the room on their driveway or lot, so why travel to a self-serve storage facility?

Instead of driving back and forth to a storage facility, store your winter goods, ATVs, unused furniture, tools, etc. on your own property. A mobile self-storage unit comes to you!

If your property can house a shipping container rental, you can make it part of your home and use it as little or as often as you like.

There are no inconvenient "hours of operation" or "visiting hours" when your storage is on your property!

New Addition to Family

Baby on the way? Grandma coming to stay with you for a few months to help out?

If you are preparing for a lovely new member of the family or need to create livable space, renting a mobile storage unit is a great way to expand while not having to immediately get rid of your belongings or move to a new home.

Planning for a baby and welcoming a family member to your home can be busy enough without having to worry about how you will fit them into a new room or where they will put their stuff.

Everyone is grateful when they see room has been made for their arrival and by creating more space, you can smooth the transition period and welcome any new additions with open arms.

Need Increased Accessibility

Moving truck rental | BigSteelBoxPacking your belongings into a moving truck is not only a strain on your wallet but also on your back!

Trucks need ramps and lifts to move large items and involve lots of lifting and extra equipment in order to pack properly.

BigSteelBox mobile storage containers are at ground level—there’s no need to lift heavy items or balance on a ramp. Did I just hear you say "woo hoo?!!!!"

You can walk right into your unit and place items exactly where you want them with minimal effort.

If you are considering a do-it-yourself move, an easy to access storage container is a great alternative that thousands of Canadians are using each and every day.

Packing Valuable or Expensive Items

You would not be the only homeowner worried about leaving valuable furniture or breakable goods on a moving truck wondering what condition they will be in upon arrival. 

Did you read our blog post "9 Things Moving Companies Are Scared To Tell You"?

How We Deliver & Load Your BigSteelBox

If packed correctly, your items will remain in the same location you left them in and you have full control over how things are packed into the container. By using tie-downs and keeping the load level, you’ll be able to stabilize the contents for transport. Check out the video on the right to see how we deliver and load a BigSteelBox.

Many believe portable storage units can only be helpful while moving or during renovations, but there are many reasons why you should consider a mobile storage container the next time you need space.

Instead of searching Google for "storage facilities near me" and driving across town to hunt for your belongings at a storage unit facility, consider renting a BigSteelBox portable storage container. With a BigSteelBox, you pack and store items at your own pace, and you can keep your Box at your property, so you always have easy access to your things.

If you think BigSteelBox might just have the perfect mobile storage solution for your needs you can easily request a quote or give us a quick call at 1-800-373-1187. We are happy to help you!

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