Should I Sell My House? Pay Close Attention!

Contemplating selling your home? Move with BigSteelBoxNew additions to your family? Looking to downsize your home? Want to take advantage of a seller’s market? New job in a new city? Any of these reasons may have you asking yourself, should I sell my house?

Asking that question means moving may be in your near future and no matter what your reason, there are many things to consider before you make the decision to put your home on the market.

Here we list the four steps you need to take before listing your home to make sure you get the best price at closing.

Doing your research and putting in the work to make sure your home is as marketable as possible, finishing home improvement projects or home renovations to increase curb appeal, and making sure you have all your documents and inspections complete takes time and preparation.

This list will make sure you have everything in order when you decide to hire a realtor to sell your home faster.


When Do You Want To Move Your Home?

Young couple preparing for a move to a new home. Deciding when you want to move will help you plan your moving timeline and give you an idea of when certain things need to be completed.

While making this decision there are many things to take into consideration.

  • Time of year

    • Do research on the housing market in your area and check the slow and busy seasons. In many parts of Canada, the spring is the busiest time of year for buying and selling real estate.

    • If you have a flexible schedule, choose based on the best times to list a home for sale in your area. Listing your home at the start of the busy season sounds practical, but being a ‘new listing’ at the very peak of the market is also a good strategy. Talking to your realtor about these strategies is a good idea, but keep in mind they may be motivated to secure a listing as soon as possible.

  • Current competition

    • Research the kind of homes that are currently for sale in your area. If buyers already have a selection of three bedroom homes with garages, you will likely have fewer showings, which may result in fewer offers.

    • Make sure your home has something unique to offer based on what is currently for sale. You want to stand out!

    • Check similar neighbourhoods. Look into neighbourhoods with similar amenities such as good schools, proximity to parks, restaurants, hospitals, and transportation.

  • State of the real estate market

    • Check on the current state of the market, read local papers, and do your research. Market statistics are available on most Regional Real Estate Board's websites, along with some commentary.

    • If you can, look at the Sales to Active Listings ratio for the prior month. If it's less than 18% it's a Buyer's Market, and if it's more than 22% it is a Seller's Market (18 to 22% is a Balanced Market). Make sure you're looking at the right category, because ratios can vary significantly between Single Family, Townhome and Condos.

  • Personal needs

    • What does the next year of your life look like? Planning a move is stressful and takes time. Make sure you know what your future plans are and how they will be impacted.

    • Visit our Locations page to choose the BigSteelBox Store nearest you. You can always request your free quote from us anytime by calling us at 1-800-373-1187 or request a free quote online.


Time To Declutter & Stage Your Home

When you have reached the point to start getting your home ready to show potential home buyers, there are many things to consider such as de-cluttering & staging your home.

You want to be able to maximize your space and make sure you are highlighting the best features of your home.

Some changes might be minor but it is common to complete a home renovation project before listing your home to increase your home’s value and give it an edge over the competition.

Some ideas when getting ready to stage your home to sell quickly are:

  • Decluttering

    • You want potential buyers to be able to imagine living in your home. This means removing your personal items and anything that can distract a buyer.

    • Box your knick-knacks and make sure surfaces can be cleaned and are clear of clutter.

    • Make sure you have arranged to store your belongings in a storage facility or with BigSteelBox. You can easily request a quote or give us a quick call at 1-800-373-1187

  • Plan a garage sale

    • Having a garage sale is an excellent way to get rid of personal items you do not need anymore and clear out your home.

    • Go through everything and sell whatever you can. Old clothes, books, furniture, and old electronics are great things to get rid of, as they will only take up unwanted space during your move.

  • Curb appeal

    • Make sure the front yard, gardens and entry look their best.

    • Pressure washing the exterior of the home is a simple way to brighten up the home without much of an investment.

    • A fresh coat of paint on the fence, or hiring a landscaper to reshape the gardens and can go a long way to creating a great first impression.

  • Renovations

    • The two rooms that really sell homes fast are the kitchen and the master bedroom.

    • If your home needs an upgrade in either of these two rooms, a home renovation is definitely something to consider.

    • Simple upgrades such as new faucets, better lighting, removing cabinets, or increasing closet space can do wonders for a room’s look.

    • Use portable storage containers to quickly store your items on-site, renovate, and re-stage a room in no time.

  • Touch-ups

    • Go through your home and inventory small issues that need to be taken care of (a leaky faucet, fresh coat of paint, plant new flowers in the yard, fix a broken step, etc.).

    • Is it worth it to hire a handyman for a day and add value to your listing price?


Get Organized

Now that your home is looking its best it is time to take a full inventory of what your house can offer and make sure you know every detail of your home.

  • Know exactly how much you pay on average for utilities (heating, electric, gas bills) and if there is a current warranty on any part of the home (water heater, roof, furnace).

    • Make a list of the renovations you have completed and what repairs have been done since you moved in and include dates if possible. Note any issues you need to disclose to your realtor.

    • Make an extra set of keys (you’ll need them later).

    • Get all your inspections done in advance. This will give you peace of mind that your home is ready for sale and you can have answers to any questions a buyer may ask.

    • Take care of any of those do it yourself projects you have been working on!

Step 4

Pricing Your Home For Sale

After using these four steps to go from “should I sell my house?” to “time to sell my house!” you should feel confident in listing your home and getting the best possible price.Make sure to have a few realtors give a price on your home. You can find a realtor on

You want to confirm you are getting sound advice and that you are correctly reading the market in your area. Take the following into consideration.

  • Recent home sales on your street

  • Recent home sales in your neighbourhood

  • Current real estate market conditions

  • Ongoing real estate trends in your neighbourhood (how do people expect your neighbourhood to change in the short or long term?)

  • The size, condition, style, and age of your home

  • Home extras (garage, finished basement, storage, new appliances, etc.)

  • Your proximity to key amenities (schools, transportation, nightlife, etc.)

You should be able to discuss the strategy for pricing your home and if you plan to negotiate or if you are strict in meeting market value.

After using these four steps to go from "should I sell my house?" to "time to sell my house!" you should feel confident in listing your home and getting the best possible price.

You will have done everything you can to give it the facelift it deserves and make your house ready for sale. Now it’s time for you to hunt for the new home of your dreams!

If you think BigSteelBox might have the perfect mobile storage solution to help with your renovating, staging or moving needs you can easily request a quote or give us a quick call at 1-800-373-1187. We are happy to help you!

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