Portable Moving And Storage Solutions: 5 Worth-it Reasons To Use Them

Deliver A Portable Storage Unit to Your HomeWhy deal with unreliable moving companies or drive around town looking for a storage facility when you don’t have to?

You can have a portable storage container delivered right to your home (or business) saving you time and headaches.

Portable moving and storage solutions are becoming more common for both residential and commercial use.

Customers are looking for the ability to follow their own packing timeline and be in control of their belongings at all times and are grateful for the convenience of portable storage.

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Having your container dropped off at your location, and in your full control, are only a couple of the conveniences of a portable unit.

The following are five "worth-it" reasons to use a portable moving and storage solution when you feel like you need more space or time.

1. Customizable

Looking for a small container for just a few weeks? Need shelving? Need custom shipping container modifications?

Whether you are a residential customer and need space to fit items from one, two or ten rooms, or a commercial customer needing a standard 20 ft shipping container to store additional inventory or construction site tools, a mobile storage container can be a great option.

Storage containers can be modified to suit a variety of needs - large or small. Many commercial customers (construction, Industrial, Retailers) just want to add a window and door, but you can take it as far as creating a completely different size. You can build a completely custom structure, or just add a few extras to store your items efficiently and safely.

Before the unit is dropped off at your home or commercial location, storage specialists will help you decide on the box size you need to fit all your items and add any additional add-ons or modifications you might need.
This way you are getting exactly what will work best with your property or location.

2. Containers Are Durable and Secure

Construction site shipping container solutions | on sitePortable storage units are large steel boxes designed to be wind, rodent, and weatherproof as well as fire resistant.

Everything put in the storage container will remain dry, safe, and secure — perfect for storing expensive tools or equipment on a job site or extra document and file storage for a commercial business.

Containers can be easily moved and help businesses and organizations add temporary commercial storage space as needed.

With on-site storage, you can be confident that your belongings are safe; you have the only key!

Lock boxes come standard when you order a shipping container rental or buy a new shipping containerIf you would rather your rental container be stored off site, you can easily call for a pick up 1-800-373-1187 and it will be taken to a secure storage yard while you keep the padlock keys with you.

3. Pack at Your Own Speed – "We bring it, you fill it!"

Steel storage containers come in handy when renovating | BigSteelBoxWith a portable moving and storage container, you do not have to rely on being able to pack your belongings into a moving truck the day of your move.

You can take as much time as you want packing, or during a renovation, you can pack and unpack items as needed.

A lot of stress is built up around moving day or sudden changes or emergencies arise and temporary storage space is needed.

A storage container can be brought to your location and left there as long as you want it so there is no need to hurry. 

Being able to work at your own speed reduces the panic and stress of moving day and allows you to set your own timeline.

Packing quickly and rushing can lead to damaged possessions and missing items. Having the time to properly stow your items can save you money and give you peace of mind.

4. On-Site Storage

Portable storage unit on location | BigSteelBoxOne of the main reasons people are gravitating towards portable storage solutions is that your personal property can be housed on site and with you at all times.

Forgot where you put a certain box or need to quickly pack something? Your storage container is on your property and can be accessed at any time.

You can be certain that your unit is safe and secure because you can check on it whenever you would like and the only key to access the unit is in your hands.

Commercial businesses can use a storage container to house inventory, tools, and documents and be certain everything is safe and can be accessed immediately; you will not miss a sale because your inventory or archived information is off-site.

5. Use It Then Lose It!

Have a child returning from school and need to house their belongings for the summer months? Portable moving and storage units do not come with a long-term commitment!  

You can rent a unit short or long term and once you are ready, simply call 1-800-373-1187 and have it picked up.

You can also have it stored off-site at one of our secure locations if your company is moving in-between jobs sites or if your family needs extra time or space before you unpack the container.

A portable storage unit rental is flexible and easy to manage, set to fit with your schedule and requirements.

You will not be talked into a long contract and you will only pay for the months that you are in possession of the container.

Portable moving and storage solutions have many benefits compared to the more traditional ways of moving or storing personal or commercial goods.

Families and companies alike grow and change causing the need for extra space or a temporary home for furniture and other goods.

These five reasons should give you comfort knowing that portable temporary storage is a flexible, safe, and convenient option for you, your family or your business.

If you think BigSteelBox might have the perfect mobile storage solution to help with your residential, commercial or construction needs you can easily request a quote online or give us a quick call at 1-800-373-1187. We are happy to help you!

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