Moving Companies: 9 Things They Are Scared To Tell You

Moving boxes in back of moving truckDuring the relocation process, many people choose to work with moving companies for their local move and city-to-city long distance move.

Along with doing your research to find the most reputable moving company, it is important to know the right questions to ask to get the answers you need.

There are some things that local movers would rather not tell you and not all are trustworthy. Here are details movers won’t always mention so save your money and sanity come moving day.

1. Subcontracting Movers Is Common

Do not be surprised if the company you hire is not the same as the company that arrives on moving day. Especially during the busy summer season, it is common for local and long distance movers to subcontract work and hire cheap temporary labourers. If you are moving during the summer be aware that subcontracting is common.

Check in with your mover a week or so before your moving date. Ask how your items are to be transported and confirm the details of your move.

If your local moving company is planning on getting outside help to move your belongings they should inform you and give you contact information for the company doing the work. Unfortunately, that rarely happens.

2. Movers Are Not Necessarily Full-Time Employees

Even the best local moving companies will double book appointments | BigSteelBoxLocal movers looking to cut back on costs can hire temporary movers on a part-time basis or even just for the day. Do not necessarily assume they are employees of the moving company or that they care about the safe delivery of your possessions.

Smaller companies are less likely to have full-time employees so if possible, try to visit the offices of your chosen moving company.

While visiting the offices, check to make sure they have their own fleet of trucks and ask about who will be doing the move, how much experience they have and how much moving insurance costs.

3. Movers Like To Double Book

No company wants to lose business and even the best local moving companies will double book appointments in case of cancellations. Especially during the busy weekends of summer, movers may try to bite off more than they can chew.

When confirming the details of your move set a time the movers are expected to be at your home. Know who to call if the truck doesn’t arrive or is late. Know what the company policy is regarding a missed date or late arrival.

4. Additional Moving Charges Can Be Costly

There is a variety of ways movers can overcharge you and add hundreds of dollars to your initial estimate. Make sure your new location allows trucks to be parked outside. If movers have to walk a distance to your front door, they can try to charge you more.

Stairs, oversized items, use of specialized equipment, use of a tailgate, and use of moving and packing supplies are all costs that can be tacked onto your initial quote at their discretion. Read your quote closely to know what is covered.

5. Know Your Moving Insurance Options

Standard moving insurance protection is $0.60 per pound, which will not help much if your priceless vase is shattered | BigSteelBoxThere are different options regarding protection against damage or loss of goods while relocating. Movers’ liability coverage is known as "valuation" and does not work like a normal insurance policy.

Double check with your homeowner’s insurance agent to see if you are covered for moving and ask your mover to thoroughly explain your options.

Standard protection is $0.60 per pound, which will not help much if your lightweight flat screen TV is smashed or your priceless vase is shattered. 

6. Know How the Scammers Do It

Even the best moving and storage companies know how the scammers in their industry operate. Some signs movers won’t tell you about are asking for the full cost of relocation in advance, not accepting credit (only cash), and holding detailed information on you. If someone makes these requests over the phone steer clear of the company.

7. There Are Items Movers Won’t Move

Movers are helpful to move the majority of your boxes and furniture but there are certain items that no moving company will move. The list includes plants, hazardous materials (paint, fire extinguishers, batteries, etc.), perishable food, and fuel powered equipment.

Make sure to have a plan to transport flammable or dangerous goods, your plants and perishable food.

8. Moving in the Summer? Plan Ahead

If your moving date falls between June and August you are not alone. Movers generally do 60% of their business during the summer months and it can be hard to find someone to help you if you do not plan ahead. Start looking for a local mover no later than 3 weeks before your planned moving date.

9. You Have Other Moving Options!

If you're struggling to find a moving company you trust, and you want to make the moving process easier, we can help! 

At BigSteelBox it's our top priority to provide excellent customer service and make your move less stressful.

Using a portable storage container to move homes is a great alternative to traditional movers or renting a truck, especially if you want flexibility and you feel more comfortable packing your belongings yourself.

Here's how it works:
We'll deliver a BigSteelBox to your home days or weeks before your moving date so you can pack items at your own speed. Once you're done packing, we'll pick up your BigSteelBox and move it to your new home. If your move-out and move-in dates don't line up, we can store your Box at one of our secure locations until you're ready to have it delivered again. Then, take your time unpacking.


If you think BigSteelBox might be the best option for your local or long distance move request a estimate online today or give us a quick call at 1-800-373-1187. We are happy to help you!

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