The Most Effective Way to Pack a Storage Container When Moving

By Brian Hawkins, BigSteelBox Director of Operations

BigSteelBox Edmonton Store Manager Brian HawkinsWhen my wife and I moved from Kelowna, BC, to Edmonton, AB, with BigSteelBox, one of the things we quickly realized was that while the 20’ storage container was exactly what we needed, we weren’t going to quite fill it to the brim. So, our challenge was to figure out a way to pack our things so that they were secure and would not move around during transportation.

What we did was stack all of our cardboard boxes in first, starting at the back and working our way towards the door. We stacked them floor to ceiling and then when we were out of boxes, we took our mattresses, and pushed them up against the stacked boxes, so they would act like a wall.

Then, using the super strong tie down loops that are welded on the inside walls of the BigSteelBox, we used ratchet straps to make a giant “X” across the container to cinch everything up tight behind the mattress. After this we just loaded in our couches and remaining furniture, used a few more ratchet straps to fasten the taller pieces of furniture, locked the door and walked away!

When the BigSteelBox arrived in Edmonton, we opened the door to take a look and see how we did – and our plan worked perfectly. Not one thing had moved during transport!

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