Local Moving Companies: Is BigSteelBox A Better Alternative?

Find the best local moving companies | Is BigSteelBox the Better Alternative?A question that brings stress to any person planning a move is should I hire professional movers, or move myself?

The answer differs depending on the individual and for many different reasons such as time, money, flexibility, distance and the difficulty of the move.

We have analyzed the pros and cons to see if renting a portable storage container from BigSteelBox is the better alternative to hiring local moving companies (or even a moving container competitor).

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Do It Yourself With Portable Storage


Flexibility – A portable storage container is delivered right to your doorstep and because you are moving yourself, you set the schedule. This greatly reduces the stress and pressure of your move.

The container can fit on your property and be loaded at your own pace.  

How Much Space is Needed to Place a BigSteelBox?

When working with a local moving service you have to fit your timeline into their schedule. This can be difficult if you are moving during peak season or near the end of the month.

With a portable storage unit you have the flexibility to load and unload at your own time and are in full control over the packing process.

Reduced Costs – Depending on the specifics of your move, even when hiring an affordable moving and storage company, costs can add up. See our competitor comparison chart VS full serve options.

Even if you rent a truck or borrow a truck from a friend, costs still add up, and you don't have the convenience of having all of the extra time to load and unload.

Bottom line: It is usually more affordable to rent a shipping container and invite your friends or family to help instead of paying for professional help.

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Local Moving Companies | BigSteelBoxEasy Access – A mobile storage container from BigSteelBox is ground level so your furniture and boxes can be easily transported into the unit and moved around.

Having an on-site mobile storage container means you can arrange your belongings how you would like, giving you full control over how your items are placed and organized.

When you hire a moving company, the truck is elevated and added lifts and ramps bring the risk of dropping and damaging items or increased load time due to malfunctioning equipment or difficulty packing. 

You only have access to a moving truck on moving day and packing is rushed. A portable storage unit is yours for as long as you need and can be accessed at any time.

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Not Good for the Back – A benefit of hiring local moving help is that you do not need to do the heavy lifting and can focus on the other details of a relocation.

If you have health concerns or do not want to be responsible for the packing of your personal items, it may be best to hire professionals and save you the sore muscles of moving day.

Hiring a Moving Company


Don’t Have the Space? – It is hard to rent a storage container if you have nowhere to put it.

If you’re moving out of an apartment or town home, you may not have any space to house a mobile storage unit, or there are strata restrictions on the amount of time it can be placed on the property.

The moving and storage experts at your BigSteelBox Store will be happy to help you choose the exact size shipping container you will need.

Most apartment and condominium buildings only allow portable storage units on their property while you are packing. A 10’ BigSteelBox is the ideal size for a moderately furnished one bedroom home.

In this case, hiring movers to help you quickly move out of your home may be the best option.

There are many options for affordable movers in Canada. Have you considered portable storage rentals?You Can Be Lazy! – Moving your family or company can be fairly stressful without having to worry about physically moving your belongings.

A local moving company can take that job off your list so you can focus on other tasks that need your attention during your move.

However, make sure you do your research. Here are 9 Things Moving Companies Are Scared To Tell You!


Price – If you are planning a long distance move or you have a large volume of items to move, the costs can really build up. A Local move with BigSteelBox is less stressful and usually more affordable than hiring a moving company.

The more complex your move, the higher the cost will be. It may beneficial to pack items yourself and use the moving container storage options.

Trust – When using a portable storage container you have full control over who accesses your belongings and how they are handled since you have the only key!

Any time you are handing over control to strangers, you are taking a risk. This is when doing your research is important. Reading reviews can help relieve or add to some of these fears.

Tighter Timelines – Moving trucks for local moves are usually hired by the hour so are generally only affordable if you are able to do your whole move in one day.

This turnaround can be quick for some people and if you need to store your belongings while you are in-between homes, a storage container can be taken away and stored until you need it.

Every move is different and each person has specific needs and deadlines. Local moving companies can take some physical stress off you by doing the heavy lifting for you and bringing their expertise to help you move as efficiently as possible.

However, moving companies can be unreliable, expensive and do not offer the kind of flexibility that a portable storage container can provide. It's also important to check out questionable online reviews.

Question: Local Moving Companies: Is BigSteelBox A Better Alternative?

Answer: If you want more flexibility and more control over your move, rent a portable storage solution from BigSteelBox.

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