BigSteelBox Employee Becomes a Customer

BigSteelBox moving containerHi! I’m Becky and I’m the new Online Marketing Manager for BigSteelBox. I’ve only been working here for a couple weeks now, but before that I was actually a BigSteelBox customer when my family and I moved from Regina, Saskatchewan, to Kelowna, BC.

Let’s face it, moving sucks. It’s stressful and crazy and it can be very overwhelming no matter how far the move. In the end all you can do is take the steps to make it easier, and that’s exactly what BigSteelBox strives to do.

I’ve moved several times throughout my life and I’ve used all sorts of different ways to move my stuff: a friend’s truck, rented trailers, and professional moving companies. Ultimately it all depends on what your needs are, and for us, moving with a BigSteelBox just made sense. Plus, it was the perfect opportunity to get to know the company that had just hired me!

This time around my family and I were moving a great distance, we had a three-bedroom house full of stuff, and a deadline of when we needed to be out of our house. We also planned to rent a furnished house for the first couple months after arriving in Kelowna, so we wanted all of our things stored in a safe area until we needed it.

Packing a BigSteelBox for a long distance moveI worked directly with Tina, Regina’s BigSteelBox store manager, to plan the entire process. It was extremely easy. She helped me decide the size of moving container I’d need, we planned where it would be placed (depending on where you live a BigSteelBox can go in a your driveway or on the street in front of your house) and we booked the dates it would be delivered and picked up. That’s pretty much it and it all went off without a hitch.

I had a BigSteelBox in front of my house for about two weeks, but the boxes are rented on a monthly basis, so you can have it for a day or a month for the same price. My husband and I found this worked well for us. We slowly filled the box over the two weeks, which alleviated a lot of the stress and panic of doing an entire move in a day or weekend.

On the day we had to leave our house in Regina, we put the last of our stuff in the box, locked it up, and hit the road to Kelowna. BigSteelBox handled the rest and about a week after we drove away from our container we received a call that it had arrived at the store in Kelowna safe and sound.

Packing and moving boxes is never fun, but with BigSteelBox the process went as smoothly as it could have, we felt in control of the situation, and stress levels stayed low. That doesn’t mean I want to do it again anytime soon though! And, I am certain that unpacking our BigSteelBox will be much more fun than filling it.


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