What Weighs More? Test Your Weight-Estimating Skills

In late 2020, we conducted a survey of Canadians who had recently moved long distance to learn more about quoting practices of moving companies and the customer satisfaction with long haul moving companies. You can see the results of that survey here.

Our survey showed that of those who were charged based on the weight of their items, 30% were charged more than they were quoted, even when the moving company performed an in-person visit for the estimate.

Long distance moving is tied very closely to the transport industry, and most full-service moving companies that use long-haul trucks to move their customers’ belongings estimate and charge mostly by weight. In many ways, charging by weight is good for the customer, because the scale never lies. However, if the weight of your items is underestimated in your initial quote, it can result is a much higher final bill than expected.

We know the practice of quoting based on weight is hard to get right all the time, so let’s test YOUR weight-estimating skills!

Quiz: What Weighs More? Test Your Weight-Estimating Skills