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Moving & Storage - Kamloops, BC

  • Store Hours:
    Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm

From our BigSteelBox Store and storage yard located at 1284 Salish Road in Kamloops, BC, we’re able to provide moving services and portable storage rentals in Kamloops, Paul Lake, Knutsford, and Campbell Creek for the same “Local Service Area” price. Kamloops has its own delivery truck, which allows us to keep our local freight costs down, and enables us to deliver portable storage containers quickly and efficiently.

Our Kamloops Store also offers Mini Storage in addition to our portable storage container rentals. BigSteelBox Mini Storage is a storage space that can be accessed 7 days a week. These storage units are ground level and come in different sizes ranging from 5'X8' to 8'X40.

Need permanent storage for your home or business? We offer new and used shipping container for sale in Kamloops. Contact us for pricing and availability.

Portable Storage Rentals - Keep Your Container at Your Place or Ours

  • Pricing
    10' BigSteelBox
    Storage at Your Place (excluding freight)
    Empty Delivery & Pick-up start from 100/ea
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  • Pricing
    20' BigSteelBox
    Storage at Your Place (excluding freight)
    Empty Delivery & Pick-up start from 100/ea
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  • Pricing
    20' BigSteelBox
    Storage at Our Yard (excluding freight)
    Empty Delivery & Pick-up start from 100/ea
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When Kamloops residents need portable storage, BigSteelBox can help. Most customers usually choose to rent 10' or 20' shipping containers for their home storage needs. We may also have 8' Boxes at the Kamloops store, please call to check availability.

Keep your BigSteelBox at your location for as long as you need it, or pack it up and have it stored at our secure storage yard at 1284 Salish Road, for a small additional charge of $19/month for a 10' Box, or $29/month for a 20' Box. We also have 40' shipping containers available for sale or rent for Commercial uses.

Billing Details - What to expect on your first invoice:

Storage at Your Place: When you book your BigSteelBox you will be charged for the empty delivery, empty pick up, and one month’s rent on your first invoice. After that, you will be charged your recurring monthly rent.

Storage at Our Yard: If you choose to store your Box at our yard, you will be charged for the empty delivery, loaded move, and one month’s rent on your first invoice. After that, you will be charged your recurring monthly rent plus an on-site fee of $19/mo for a 10' or $29/mo for a 20' Box.

Load Your Items at Our Yard: If you want to avoid transportation costs, you can choose to bring your items to your BigSteelBox Store and load them there. While this option is less convenient than having a Box delivered to your location, it will save you money and still gives you the flexibility to have your loaded Box delivered to another location in the future.

Local Moving Service in Kamloops

  • 1-Month Move
    Store at Your Place
    Direct House-to-House Move from
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  • 1-Month Move
    With Storage at Our Yard
    House-to-Yard-to-House Move from
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  • 2-Month Move
    With Storage at Our Yard
    House-to-Yard-to-House Move from
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The 1-Month Local Move price quoted above includes the initial drop off of a 20’ BigSteelBox, one loaded move directly to your new home, pick up of the empty container and one month’s rent. If you need more time to pack or unpack your Box, no problem, just add $149/month for each additional month you need it.

Our local move pricing applies to moves within Kamloops, Paul Lake, and Campbell Creek*. Storage at our secure yard in-between homes is subject to an extra loaded move charge and small on-site storage fee, as our truck needs to make one additional trip back to our yard.

Moving to a new city or province? Learn about our long distance moving service.

Commercial & Construction Storage in Kamloops

Residential new home construction is thriving in Kamloops, and many home builders trust BigSteelBox with their job site storage needs. There are also a number of large commercial construction projects, such as “The Reach” at Thompson Rivers University (TRU), and the Kamloops Inland Royal Hospital Expansion, where BigSteelBox was an on-site storage provider.

You may have also seen the 30+ BigSteelBox storage units that were on site during the recent construction of the Cascade Casino! We're experts in business storage, so retailers and restoration companies also find our portable storage units very helpful.

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Meet the Kamloops BigSteelBox Team

Adam, Store Manager at BigSteelBox Kamloops Adam Kaufman, Store Manager
"I really enjoy the weather and all the outdoor activities Kamloops has to offer. For me, working for BigSteelBox feels like working with a large family, everyone truly cares for each other and pulls together as a team!"


Annaliese, Storage Consultant at BigSteelBox KamloopsAnnaliese McLaughlin, Storage Consultant
"I love the wide variety of golf courses in and around Kamloops, and having Sun Peaks so close. My favourite part of working for BigSteelBox is my coworkers - working with people who make you feel like family is very rewarding."


Joel, Storage Consultant, BigSteelBox KamloopsJoel White – Storage Consultant 
"I enjoy the Kamloops weather, the people, and all the outdoor activities the city has to offer. I love working at BigSteelBox because of the great people I work with and the sense of community that the company has within it."


Ron, Placement Technician at BigSteelBox KamloopsRon Kornelson – Placement Technician
"I enjoy the warm climate and how friendly the people are in Kamloops. I like the people I get to work with, and enjoy talking with customers every day."


* All prices are subject to change without notice and do not include taxes. Prices are based on moves within the local service area of Kamloops only, however, empty delivery and pick up fees, and loaded moves, may be higher than shown based on the customer’s location and proximity to their Store.

Customer Reviews

We want to hear about your experience (good or bad). We're always looking for ways to improve our service and reviews are a great way to find out how we can better serve our customers! Thank you in advance for taking the time to tell us how well we met your moving and storage needs.

Based on 13 Reviews
3/5 |

Never again

We moved from Prince George to Kamloops. First off, trying to get a hold of the original represnative that said he would take care of everything for us was crazy. He worked minimal hours so it would take him days to get back to me. Then to get it from PG to Kamloops was going to take "upto 2 weeks!" it took about a week and a half. It sat in Prince George yard for a week and we were charged another fee for that, without being notified and we didn't want it stored.
Now I have it emptied and want it out of my driveway but its going to take them a week to come and get it.
Never again, it was way to expensive, takes too long to get a hold of anybody, takes too long to have your box delivered or picked up, and they charge you extra fee's without notifiying you about it.

Response from BigSteelBox

Hi Harmony. We’re very sorry to hear that you experienced issues during your long distance move and we apologize if the entire moving process wasn’t communicated as clearly as it should have been from the beginning. Thank you for speaking with us to discuss the situation – we’re glad we were able to clarify everything and work it out to your satisfaction.
1/5 |

No security

Good to know that you pay a significant amount of money to store your items with Big Steel Box and they have no security to speak of, no cameras, no one on site overnight and when your storage is broken into and your items stolen, they deny all liability and hang you out to dry.

Response from BigSteelBox

Hi Tammy. Thanks for speaking with us about your situation. We echo our Store Manager’s sentiments when we say we’re very sorry this happened. Break-ins are very rare at our yards, so we completely understand your frustration and disappointment. The police were notified immediately of the yard break-in, and we are in the process of reviewing our need for extra security at our Kamloops yard to ensure this does not happen again. Thank you for your understanding and patience.
5/5 |

Customer service

Great service dealing with Joel White. Very helpful, accommodating and pleasant. I would highly recommend Joel at Big Box Steel. Thank you for awesome service.

Response from BigSteelBox

Great to hear! Thanks for the review Zonna. We think Joel is pretty awesome too : )
5/5 |

Winter storage

Excellent customer service !!!! Whole process was easy and professional. Have already recommended them to friends.

Response from BigSteelBox

Thank you Jane!
5/5 |

Excellent Service and reasonable price

We had a big steel box delivered to Pinantan (in the snow). Called to arrange pick up and delivery to Barriere (again in the snow) and they did that the very next day. When we unloaded, called in the morning and they came to collect it in the afternoon. Great company and would use them again.........then again, I vow never to move again :)

Response from BigSteelBox

Great to hear, Alan! Thanks for the nice review. And, if you ever DO move again, we'll be happy to help :)
5/5 |

Container move from Kamloops to Victoria

I have nothing but praise for the group of people in Kamloops and Victoria.We loaded a container in kamloops to be moved to Victoria only to realize we had made a mistake,and wanted to move back to kamloops.They shipped our container back to Kamloops at a much reduced cost,hats off to you.

Response from BigSteelBox

Hi Bill, thanks for sharing your long distance moving experience. We're glad we were able to make it a little easier for you.
5/5 |

Fantastic service

Big Steel Box moved me from Vancouver to Kamloops and I can't say enough good things about them! Everyone was courteous, helpful, reliable and willing to do whatever it took to make the move go smoothly. There were some space parking issues on the street in Vancouver (not their fault) and they were very flexible and solved the problem with no extra stress or cost to me. This is an extremely thorough company. I highly recommend Big Steel Box.

Response from BigSteelBox

Thanks for sharing your moving experience Barb. We're so glad to hear it went well!
5/5 |

A Totally Satisfying Experience.....

Every part of the moving experience was excellent, with no worries... Great job Big Steel Box.... Rick and Margaret

Response from BigSteelBox

That's what we love to hear! Thank you for trusting us with your move Rick and Margaret.
5/5 |


The service was excellent great people to deal with!!!

Response from BigSteelBox

Great to hear, thanks for sharing Jody!
5/5 |


Thank you to the staff at the Kamloops Branch of Big Steel Box. They were truly professionals from start to finish. Our needs were met from day one and finished by having to drop off and pick up the container in one day (4 hours). This is our second move using them and would not hesitate to recommend them any time. Thanks again to all of you.

Response from BigSteelBox

Thanks for the great review Elaine! And thank you for allowing us to help you with your last two moves.
5/5 |

great Service

We had our goods in storage in 2 containers in Kamloops for a year. When we moved to Alberta Adam arranged for the move to Lethbridge till we were ready for them in Claresholm. Tyler in Lethbridge was very accommodating to arrange for the move to our home. The drivers were very professional in parking our containers for convenient unloading in the most careful manner.we did not experience any damage or breakage at all. thanks for the excellent customer service.
Annette & Bryan

Response from BigSteelBox

Thanks so much for sharing your BigSteelBox experience Annette and Bryan! We're glad to hear your long distance move went well.
5/5 |


Awesome staff..friendly and helpful..convenient location..nice and clean surroundings..would definitely recommend to our friends..keep up the good work

Response from BigSteelBox

Thanks for the review Marion, we appreciate it!
5/5 |


Bought a 40' c can about 5 years ago, has worked out very well, good service and was placed where i wanted it for a reasonable price.

Response from BigSteelBox

Thanks for the review Ben. We're happy it's worked out well for you!

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Supporting the Kamloops Community

BigSteelBox is proud to support many worthy causes and community events in Kamloops and surrounding area.

We often provide Boxes for events that require on-site storage, Project X Theatre and Ribfest.

We also enjoy supporting a number of local Kamloops charities, including SPCA, BC Living Arts, Samaritans Purse Shoe Box Drive, the Kamloops Food Bank, the Salvation Army, and the Habitat for Humanity Kamloops ReStore.