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Moving & Storage - Calgary, AB

  • Store Hours:
    Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm

The Calgary BigSteelBox Store and storage facility is located at 5208 - 84 Ave SE. From here we offer local and long distance moving services and portable storage container rentals to customers in Calgary, as well as Airdrie, Okotoks, High River, Banff, Canmore and Cochrane, just to name a few. Looking to buy a shipping container in Calgary? We have a wide selection of new and used shipping containers for sale as well.

Moving across town or across the country? There's no need to hire professional movers for your long distance move. We'll deliver a portable storage unit to your home, and you pack it at your pace. When you’re ready, we'll pick up your BigSteelBox and move it to your new home, or store it until you're ready to unpack.

We also offer a full range of commercial storage products and services, as well as new and used shipping container sales to the Calgary area. Our shipping containers are much more than typical "sea cans". We invest in a high quality build for our rental containers so they will last longer and look better when used for construction job site storage.

Portable Storage Rentals - Keep Your Container at Your Place or Ours

  • Pricing
    10' BigSteelBox
    Storage at Your Place (excluding freight)
    Empty Delivery & Pick-up start from 100/ea
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  • Pricing
    20' BigSteelBox
    Storage at Your Place (excluding freight)
    Empty Delivery & Pick-up start from 100/ea
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  • Pricing
    20' BigSteelBox
    Storage at Our Yard (excluding freight)
    Empty Delivery & Pick-up start from 100/ea
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Our Calgary store has two BigSteelBox delivery trucks, so we’re able to deliver your portable storage unit quickly and efficiently. The most common size shipping container used by residential customers are our 10' and 20' BigSteelBoxes. We may also have 8' Boxes at the Calgary store, please call to check availability.

You can keep your BigSteelBox at your location for as long as you need it, or pack it up and have it stored at our secure storage facility at 5208 - 84 Ave SE, for a small additional monthly charge. We make it easy to access your BigSteelBox when it’s stored in the Calgary yard by offering 24-hour access to rented Boxes 7 days a week when given 24-48 hours notice.

We also have 40' shipping containers available for sale or rent for Commercial uses - please contact the Calgary store for details pricing: 403-998-8511 or 1-800-373-1187.

Billing Details - What to expect on your first invoice:

Storage at Your Place: When you book your BigSteelBox you will be charged for the empty delivery, empty pick up, and one month’s rent on your first invoice. After that, you will be charged your recurring monthly rent.

Storage at Our Yard: If you choose to store your Box at our yard, you will be charged for the empty delivery, loaded move, and one month’s rent on your first invoice. After that, you will be charged your recurring monthly rent plus an on-site fee of $19/mo for a 10' or $29/mo for a 20' Box.

Load Your Items at Our Yard: If you want to avoid transportation costs, you can choose to bring your items to your BigSteelBox Store and load them there. While this option is less convenient than having a Box delivered to your location, it will save you money and still gives you the flexibility to have your loaded Box delivered to another location in the future.

Local Moving Service in Calgary

  • 1-Month Move
    Store at Your Place
    Direct House-to-House Move from
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  • 1-Month Move
    With Storage at Our Yard
    House-to-Yard-to-House Move from
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  • 2-Month Move
    With Storage at Our Yard
    House-to-Yard-to-House Move from
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The 1-Month Local Move prices above include the initial drop off of a 20’ BigSteelBox, one loaded move directly to your new home, pick up of the empty container and one month’s rent. If you need more time to pack or unpack, just add $149/month for each additional month you need it.

Our local move pricing applies to moves within the city limits of Calgary*. Storage at our secure yard in-between homes is subject to an extra loaded move charge and on-site storage fee, as our truck needs to make one additional trip back to our yard.

We can also move you to a new city! Learn more about our long distance moving service.

Commercial & Construction Storage in Calgary

There’s a lot of new commercial and industrial construction happening across Calgary. BigSteelBox provided storage during the construction of the new International Terminal, which recently opened at the Calgary Airport. We’re also providing storage on multiple new school and recreation facility build sites, including the Seton Recreation Facility, Rocky Ridge Recreation Facility, Mahogany School and Legacy High School.

BigSteelBox also provides portable storage container rentals for a wide range of retail business and commercial uses, including the oil and gas and real estate industries, and restoration companies. If you need permanent storage, contact us about new and used shipping containers for sale.

You can be sure that your supplies and equipment will be secure in a BigSteelBox. Ask us about the security features of our shipping containers, like the Lock Boxes that protect your pad lock, or about shelving brackets that we can add to your BigSteelBox storage unit to make it as efficient as possible.

Meet the Calgary BigSteelBox Team

Dave - BigSteelBox CalgaryDavid Lister, Store Manager
I was raised in Calgary and I'm proud to call this city home. I love the many things you can see and do around the city and I especially enjoy living so close to the mountains. BigSteelBox is the best place to work because it feels like a family.

Jillian Katzarski, Storage Consultant
What I love about Calgary is the size of the city - there’s always something to do or places to explore! I love working at BigSteelBox, because I love helping customers find stress-free solutions for their moving and storage needs.

Kathy Deis, Storage Consultant
I like living in Calgary because we are close to the mountains and there are so many exciting things to do. Working for BigSteelBox is great - I like how you feel like you are part of a big happy family.

Kyle Moore, Yard Supervisor
I love living in Calgary. There is so much to do in and around the city, and with all the events that take place here, it's never boring. The parks and walkways are awesome there always something new to do. Working for BigSteelBox is very rewarding and the atmosphere makes it feel like we're family.

Daren Olsen, Placement Technician
I’m excited to be part of such an enthusiastic group of people at BigSteelBox! When I'm not at work you will find me doing anything outdoor related, especially boating and fishing in the summer and hunting and snowmobiling in the fall and winter. I also enjoy home renovation projects, so I know firsthand how handy portable storage containers, like BigSteelBoxes, can be for the customers I work with.

* All prices are subject to change without notice and do not include taxes. Prices are based on moves within the local service area of Calgary, AB, only, however, empty delivery and pick up fees, and loaded moves, may be higher than shown based on the customer’s location and proximity to their Store.

Customer Reviews

We want to hear about your experience (good or bad). We're always looking for ways to improve our service and reviews are a great way to find out how we can better serve our customers! Thank you in advance for taking the time to tell us how well we met your moving and storage needs.

Based on 19 Reviews
5/5 |

Highly recommended

The staff at Big Steel Box were very helpful and professional, the time we needed the box , it was placed originally on our driveway that doesn’t fit properly, I phoned to move it to the front yard, Daryl came at scheduled date/ time and moved it right away, I wasn’t charge for the move. (Thank you for that) :) Overall very happy with the service and price per month.. thanks Jill for
the schedule of drop off and pick up time.. Thanks to all staff, everytime I call I got a good answer right away. I will definitely recommend you guys to family, friends and people that I work with.. and for sure I will call again for future use.

Response from BigSteelBox

So glad to hear your move went well Kae. Thanks!
5/5 |

First Class

We rented 2 steel boxes for a period of 3 months and had them stored in Bigsteelbox's yard. Everyone we dealt with from the customer service rep to the delivery drivers were helpful, friendly, and easy to work with. I feel that in todays world it can sometimes be hard to find the complete package when it comes to customer service in an organization but BigSteelBox was first class! I highly recommend choosing BigSteelBox.

Response from BigSteelBox

Thanks for sharing your storage experience Tyler! And thank you for trusting us to keep your belongings safe.
5/5 |

Excellent service

We rented a 10' box to store workshop tools and other contents while we renovated. The box was high quality (no leaks or other problems) and it was dropped off and picked up on time. The telephone service people and drivers were friendly and easy to deal with.

Response from BigSteelBox

Great to hear! Thanks for the review : )
5/5 |

Exceptional Service

Experienced great service all around so far. Jill made booking our Big Steel Box easy and fit our needs for storage during our home renovation. The drop off of the container went very smoothly. We had a little mix up when the BSB was to be picked up as the BSB ended up getting boxed in and I was not available at the time to sort things out. So, wanted to give Paul a big thanks for being patient with me and taking the time to come and get the BSB the following day, it was much appreciated and Paul was a pleasure to deal with.

Response from BigSteelBox

Thanks for sharing Stephanie, we're glad you've had a great experience so far!
5/5 |

Big Move

We recently moved from Calgary to Charlottetown and used BigSteelBox and couldn't be happier with all of it!
They are flexible, easy to work with and dependable! Having moved before with a regular moving truck, with many delays and broken items upon delivery, this was a breathe of fresh air!
Would recommend to anyone moving!
Thanks to all of you!! We worked with Ryan out of Kelowna!

Response from BigSteelBox

So glad to hear your long distance move went well Kelly! Thank you for trusting us to deliver your things safely : )
5/5 |

Excellent Service

Thank you for storing my belongings and accommodating my schedule for pickup and delivery. You were more than accommodating and I want to thank each of you for your promptness and professionalism in answering all my questions along the way. I stored my belongings just under 2 years while my house was being built and at no time did I worry about my belongings in your care and on your site. Thank you so much.

Response from BigSteelBox

Thank you for the nice review, Colleen! And, thanks for choose BigSteelBox for your storage needs. Congrats on your new home!
5/5 |

Temporary storage

I appreciated the excellent service both on the phone and with the delivery and pick up of the box. When my initial site wouldn't work the driver was very helpful in determining an alternative site despite the fact that I was not home. The container worked perfectly as a temporary storage site while my garage underwent a renovation!

Response from BigSteelBox

Thanks for sharing Rick! And thank you for trusting us to keep your stuff safe during your renovation.
5/5 |

Excellent Job!

The company both arrived to collect, and to deliver, exactly on time. We found the ability to have the box available for both packing and unloading in or own time very helpful.

Response from BigSteelBox

So glad to hear you had a good moving experience Charles! Thanks for sharing.
5/5 |

great staff, problem solved!

I had recently left a review regarding being left waiting to learn the outcome of how some damage to my driveway would be settled. At the time I was frustrated and I believe rightfully so with the amount of time that had passed. I wanted to right a second review with the outcome as I feel it is the right thing to do to get both sides of the story. I was contacted directly by the Calgary Manager David who settled the matter personally and with an added bonus for the family. David and Kathy were both very helpful and friendly during my move, and accommodated my requests for specific pick up and delivery times. I would recommend using Big Steel Box Calgary for your next move.

Response from BigSteelBox

Thank you for posting a follow up review, Jon! Your business is very important to us, and we value your opinion, so we are glad that we were able to work out a positive outcome for you and your family.
5/5 |

Wonderful Service

Thank you so much, BigSteelBox! You helped us a lot during our move from Regina to Calgary. With your wonderful staff and excellent service, our relocation was less stressful, fast, and smooth. We enjoyed doing business with you. Your storage consultant, Ky Montana, was truly professional, friendly, approachable, and respectful. Thank you. Keep up the great work!

Response from BigSteelBox

Thank you for the review Vladimir and Liana! We're so glad you chose us to help with your long distance move.
2/5 |

damage to brand new driveway, stuck in the middle for repairs!!!!

Customer service and delivery as scheduled was friendly and on time. However when the container was delivered/picked up to our brand new home the driveway that I had not even driven on myself was damaged. I contacted big steel box on august 24th,2017 to report the damage and pursue some form of compensation. I learned that big steel box used a subcontracted trucking company to move the bin and that they would have to contact them regarding the damage. It is now September 13th, 2017 and after several emails and phone calls FROM ME still no word on repair or compensation. I am told that they are short staffed and still looking into it. How about big steel box take care of their customer first then go after your subcontractor on their own time for the cost!!!

Response from BigSteelBox

Jon, we’re very sorry it took us a while to settle this for you. We are happy that we were able to discuss the situation with you and come to a resolution. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
5/5 |

Excellent service Jill

1st time using this kind of storage and would say it was very good one. 100% recommended

Response from BigSteelBox

Great to hear Boris and Nathalie! Thanks for trusting us to keep your things safe while in storage.
5/5 |

Extremely Great Service

Big Steel Box is a great company to work with. They are very prompt, professional and courteous in the service they provide. The storage box was clean and ready to use when it arrived. They also gave us great instructions on using it. Excellent company to use.

Response from BigSteelBox

Thanks for the great review Jim!
5/5 |

Fantastic Service!

We rented a storage container for our possessions during a basement renovation. We had a small issue with paint odour in the container and it was resolved to our complete satisfaction. The customer service is exceptional as they will go above and beyond to rectify any issues that you may have. I will definitely use them again if we ever need storage in the future!

Response from BigSteelBox

Hi Kylee. Thank you so much for the great review! We're glad we were able to work with you to resolve your issue and we look forward to serving you again in the future.
5/5 |

You can count on them

Great service and response. Never let down. Came through when timing and help was needed.

Response from BigSteelBox

Thanks for the great review Jay!
4/5 |


Moved from Vancouver to Calgary
Awesome awesome service from pick up to delivery they stored my belonging for a lot less than a storage facility my only mistake was not storing everything with big steel box
I would use their service again in a heart beat
The only problem was which is confusing is the pick up and delivery charges
It is a drop off fee for the box when it's loaded their is a pick up fee to pick up the loaded box
Then to your new place there is a drop off fee
Then when you want them to pick up the box there is another fee

Response from BigSteelBox

Hi Rose. Thanks for the nice review. We're glad your move from Vancouver to Calgary went well.
4/5 |

Great Job

Just wanted to Thank Big steel Box for their efficient, timely and trusted service! made moving that much easier!

Response from BigSteelBox

You're very welcome Troy! Thanks for trusting us with your move.
5/5 |

A fantastic service

Made my move a breeze and took the headache right out of it. Service was great and will gladly use again.

Response from BigSteelBox

Great to hear your move went well, Tyler!
5/5 |

Calgary, AB to Langley, BC

We loved the services provided by Big Steel Box!
The staff in Calgary were super nice and helpful, and the drivers who dropped off/picked up, transported and delivered the container were all pretty amazing. Excellent at what they do as far as the technicalities of dropping off empty containers on busy streets and loading full ones.
We have shared our experience with several friends and will most likely use BSB again in future. Just being able to drive without stress over the mountains during early March was worth the money. Our prior move to Calgary was with a rented truck which we had to drive ourselves. Great to have peace of mind knowing our move was taken care by BSB! Thank you again.

Response from BigSteelBox

We're so glad to hear your long distance move went well Ingrid! Thank you for choosing BigSteelBox, we look forward to serving you again in the future.

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Supporting the Calgary Community

BigSteelBox is proud to support many worthy causes and community events in Calgary and surrounding area.

We often provide Boxes for events that require on-site storage, such as GlobalFest Calgary.

BigSteelBox also enjoys supporting non-profit organizations, charities and fundraising events that support our city, including Ronald McDonald House, Salvation Army, Easter Seals Alberta, Wild Rose Children’s Foundation, and Samaritan’s Purse.