Find Reliable Movers The Easy Way

Find Reliable Movers The Easy Way (You'd Be Surprised)If you’re relocating and trying to find reliable movers in your area and don’t know where to start, you are not alone. Everyone has heard of the things moving companies are scared to tell you or read the moving horror stories that happen. Deciding who you will be putting in charge of your personal belongings takes time and research.

By doing your research, knowing the right things to look for, and knowing how to narrow down your choices, you will save money and avoid surprises.

The process of choosing a mover may seem like a big hassle (and it can be), but follow these few simple guidelines and you will be sure to find a company you can trust and feel comfortable with your moving and storage needs.

Ask Around To Find Reliable Moving Services Near You

Almost everyone has moved at least once or twice in their life. Try to get everyone and anyone’s recommendation!

You can ask your family, friends, local businesses, real estate agents, and colleagues. If they have used a reliable moving company recently ask them to describe their experience and ask specific questions.

  • How was the customer service?

  • Was the cost reasonable?

  • Were there any hidden fees?

  • Were they prompt and professional?

Whether they recommend a company they loved working with or tell you to stay away from somebody, all information is valuable.

Talk to people in person if you can. Make a list of local moving companies close to your home, and visit their offices.

If you are planning on storing your items during the move, ask to look at the storage facility they recommend you use, make sure it matches your needs.

Did you know? Renting a BigSteelBox allows you to take advantage of our mobile delivery service as well as the storage options at our secure locations. There is no need to pack everything into a truck and haul it down to a storage locker. We'll bring you a BigSteelBox, and when you're finished packing it up we'll pick it up and move it to our nearest store!

Visit Local Moving Companies’ Websites and Study their Services

Make sure to get similar information from all websites so you can make an accurate comparison.

  • BBB-logo-A_450.jpg

    Where do they travel? Locations?

  • Roughly how much will it cost?

  • Do they post testimonials?

  • How many ways can I contact them?

  • What are the hours of operation?

Visit sites that rank or evaluate local moving services. Check out articles written about moving horror stories by local media to avoid the same mistakes.

Use websites such as Better Business Bureau to see if businesses you are interested in have any complaints or grievances filed. If they did, make sure it was resolved successfully and both parties were satisfied. BigSteelBox has an A+ rating.

Moving & Storage Companies: Know Who Not To Hire

After researching both the larger established moving companies, the smaller local ones, and asking people in your area for their opinion, you should have an idea of who NOT to hire.

This process should have narrowed down your options. You should have a better idea of what you are looking for and have created a short list of companies that meet your standards and needs.

Use a list of at least 3–4 reliable moving companies to continue your search. Call each and get them to come visit your home for an in-home estimate. It is important they see everything you will be moving, and make sure to include all your belongings for an accurate assessment.

Make sure you understand how they charge. For local moves, they usually charge by the hour based on the number of men and the size of the truck. For long distance moves, they usually charge by weight.

Look for Common Warning Signs

Now that you are ready to start contacting companies and gathering estimates, it is important to look out for red flags.

Reliable moving services will be upfront and be able to explain all their costs and policies. Keep your eyes open and look out for the following signs.

  • The mover does not suggest an on-site inspection and provides an estimate over the phone or by email. Most of the time these estimates are low and tempting, but there is no way to accurately judge how large or heavy an item is over the phone, or how long it will take to move. (While BigSteelBox provides quotes by phone and email, the pricing is not based on weight, volume or the amount of labour. Unless you need an extra Box or additional months rent, the price will never change.)

  • The moving company would like a large deposit in cash.

  • They claim all goods they carry are covered by their insurance.

  • Any reliable moving company will provide you with information about your rights and responsibilities as a customer. You are entering into an agreement with this company and it should be just as important to them to explain how the relationship will work.

  • The company has no local address or you cannot find information on their insurance or business licence.

  • When you contact the business they answer the phone generically without company name.

  • You cannot find a physical office or the office and vehicles are in poor condition.

  • On moving day the truck that arrives is not owned by the company that did your estimate.

Most local and long distance moving companies are professional and are genuinely trying to help you move and give you good service. However, If you feel like a company’s estimate is too good to be true, it probably is.

If they are not forthcoming with their common practices, or if they are hard to get in touch with, trust your instincts and move onto another local moving company.

Although trying to find reliable movers may seem like a daunting task, a few steps will reduce the risk of hiring the wrong company. You will need to take your time and do your research but you will be surprised how quickly your list shrinks when you know how to filter out the moving companies who are not right for you.  

Want to Avoid the Hassle of Finding Reliable Movers?

BigSteelBox Makes Moving Simple.

If you want to keep it simple, reduce the stress and pressure of moving in one day and have peace of mind that your belongings are being handled by people that care about you. Here are our suggestions;

  1. Get a quote from BigSteelBox online or over the phone 1-800-373-1187 (What size do I need?)

  2. Pack your belongings into the shipping container over a few weeks (and on your own schedule)

  3. Ask friends or family members to help you out with heavier items (when they are free)

  4. Call BigSteelBox 1-800-373-1187 to pick up and drop off your belongings on your schedule

  5. Smile because your move was simple, easy and stress free.

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