Door To Door Movers: The Perfect Alternative?

Door to door movers versus using portable storage containers to moveTypically, the first thing people think of when they are planning to move is how they are going to get all their stuff to their new home.

There are so many options and the decision only gets more overwhelming if you are planning a long distance move.

Most full service door to door movers are only there to help you on your moving day. You are often paying a high premium for a professional moving company to help you. Renting a moving truck can also become expensive and very inconvenient.

You may think that hiring full service door to door movers is the best way to save time and move efficiently, but at a high cost and rigid schedule it may actually be the riskiest option.

This is where a DIY move using portable storage containers from BigSteelBox can help you save money and reduce stress. BigSteelBox specializes in helping you get your belongings to your new home when and where you need them.

Why pack the stress of your move into one day when you don’t have to? Be sure to check out our competitor comparison: BigSteelBox VS Full Serve Moving Company

If your move has one of the three needs below, a DIY move with BigSteelBox is your perfect alternative.

Need Time

BigSteelBox being delivered Renting a BigSteelBox for your move is all about timing and flexibility.

BigSteelBox moving experts are ready to help you figure out what size shipping container rental you need for all your items, how long you need to fully complete your move, and give detailed information on storage options and any assistance you may need.

Portable storage moving containers are brought right to your home; you can pack at your own speed and take as much time as you need. This way you can pack gradually and take things right out of your home as you put them in boxes.

You will not be rushed into packing all your goods into a moving truck in one morning. Rushing to fit furniture and larger household items into a moving truck can lead to your things being damaged.

Instead you can decide how and what to pack and make sure everything is secure and will not be damaged during the move. You will also have time to figure out things at your destination without worrying about living with boxes or storing all your things at a self-storage facility.

If your new home is not ready or you are renovating before fully moving into your new home, you have the time to settle in before getting your things delivered.

Need Storage

As mentioned above, because your items are stored in the BigSteelBox portable container, you have the option of storing your belongings while you complete your local or long distance move.

You are the only person who has the key to your storage container so your items are safe and secure at all times. BigSteelBox simply brings the container to one of their secure storage facilities and waits for your call. 

The option of storage gives you more time and flexibility for unpacking. You won’t have to deal with a moving truck arriving which needs to be unpacked in a few hours. You make the decisions and can be fully prepared and ready to unpack your unit reducing stress and anxiety from your move. 

Make sure to discuss storage while getting your quote if you are sure you will need it.

Different moving companies have different policies in regards to storage so it is important to get all the information you need and compare your quotes. You should know how long you will need extra storage because it can be costly if you need to add extra time for the truck to be unloaded while it is at the lot.

Make sure to ask about extra changes if you need to extend your date or if there is a fee to access your unit while it is at the storage facility.

Need to Save Money

Family sitting in a BigSteelBox in their driveway while packing for a moveA discount moving truck rental can seem like a cheap alternative to hiring a professional moving company but the costs can add up quickly. Especially with a long distance move, you can be on the hook for not only truck rental costs but also gas, mileage, and all sorts of add-on fees and you have to drive the truck all the way to your new home. Not to mention the possibility of needing to extend the time of the rental. 

If you get to your destination and are unable to immediately move in, and you rented a moving truck, unpacking your belongings into a storage facility and repacking once you are ready can have high costs and add unnecessary stress and physical effort. 

Door to door movers are on rigid schedules so you are on the hook to pay extra when your move is complicated or complex. 

Moving using a storage container rental is simple and the fees are easy to understand, plus a long distance move with BigSteelBox can be up to 20–40% cheaper than using a door-to-door moving company.

Moving is not always simple and takes a lot of planning and time in order to go smoothly. If you are planning a complex or long distance move, you may find door to door movers are too expensive and aren’t flexible enough for your needs and a rental truck too much of a hassle. 

Using BigSteelBox portable moving and storage solutions will make it easy for you to choose your own schedule and give you the convenience of packing at your own pace. 

If you need time in between your move for travel or have not settled on a new address, you have the option to store your personal belongings at a safe and secure BigSteelBox location or conveniently at your new home location! 

Lastly, you can save money! The costs associated with a BigSteelBox self-service move are easy to understand and do not have hidden additional fees. 

Before you go decide on hiring door to door movers, consider renting a portable storage unit as a better alternative and take the worry out of your move. 

Visit our Locations page to choose the BigSteelBox Store nearest you. You can always request your free quote from us anytime by calling us at 1-800-373-1187 or request a free quote online.


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