BigSteelBox a Great Storage Option When Selling & Staging Your Home

BigSteelBox Kelowna Store Manager Mike Wilson

By Michael Wilson, BigSteelBox Store Manager, Kelowna, BC

A container is great to have when preparing or staging your house for selling. We’ve had several customers use our Boxes to store some of their things in order to de-clutter their home while it’s on the market.

The reason people like using BigSteelBox for this type of storage is because our containers are always new and clean looking, so they aren’t an eye sore in their driveway while selling their home.

Staging companies also love this idea because they often need to de-clutter houses for showing clients or holding open houses. By storing a client’s things in their own driveway, they still have easy access to their possessions and it’s secure, while creating space inside of the home that’s for sale.

Another big bonus to the customer is that by having a BigSteelBox in their driveway before they sell their home, they'll have a head start on packing when their home sells! It’s an easy way to make the packing and moving process much less stressful.

Contact BigSteelBox today to see how we can help with your moving and storage needs: 1-800-373-1187 .

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