National Partnership with Habitat for Humanity will Help Build Homes for Deserving Canadian Families

BigSteelBox storage container at Habitat for Humanity ReStoreWe're excited to announce our national partnership with Habitat for Humanity Canada

As their official storage provider, we look forward to helping Habitats across Canada as they work to strengthen, stabilize and provide independence for Canadian families through affordable home ownership.

“We’re very excited to partner with BigSteelBox, our first national gift-in-kind donor of storage containers,” said Mark Rodgers, President and CEO at Habitat for Humanity Canada.

This partnership will help empower families across Canada, by giving those in need of decent and affordable housing an opportunity to buy a Habitat home. 

“Storage space on build sites is at a premium for many local Habitats across Canada and BigSteelBox is able to offer them a cost-free storage solution,” continued Rodgers. “Gift-in-kind donations like these help to free up construction budget for local Habitats which ultimately allows them to build more homes.”

Habitat homeowners not only buy their home — making affordable mortgage payments — they also volunteer 500 hours with their local Habitat, often building their home. Habitat homes are built to help families avoid making impossible choices between rent and other basic necessities by providing them with a mortgage they can afford to buy their own Habitat home.

Con-Box-Construction-Yard1_350x215.jpgThrough our partnership, BigSteelBoxes will be donated to keep building supplies, equipment, and materials safe on Habitat construction sites. Containers will also be used to store items donated to local Habitat Restores.

As local Habitat for Humanity organizations receive donations of furniture and other large pieces to their Habitat ReStores, they often lack adequate space to safely store these donations on their own. Having BigSteelBoxes at these sites will allow donations to be securely stored in portable steel shipping containers.

“This partnership has been in the making for some time. I think the heart of who both are is to serve others,” said Megan Ljunggren, Supply Chain Manager at BigSteelBox. “Habitat’s love for families gets demonstrated in a very practical way by providing affordable homeownership, and we get to come alongside them to support that mission.”

There are 54 local Habitat for Humanity organizations across Canada, representing every province and territory.  

“Our hope is that we will be a valuable partner for Habitat throughout their home-building process and that the relationships we build across both our organizations and with the families we meet, will grow beyond being just a moving company or storage provider,” said Ljunggren. 

“We feel strongly that the foundation of caring for and helping others that both BigSteelBox and Habitat for Humanity Canada strives towards will allow us to do big things together to impact families and our communities in a positive way,” she added.

If you want to get involved with your local Habitat for Humanity, click here to find at local Habitat community near you. Additionally, if you, or someone you know, would like to apply for a Habitat home, share or visit this homeowner application page.

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