Heffley Creek Elementary School in Kamloops Turns a BigSteelBox into a Play Pod!

Heffley Creek Elementary School turned their BigSteelBox into a Play Pod for their students to enjoy.We always love it when our customers show us the interesting and fun ways they're using their BigSteelBox! That's why we were so excited to hear from Heffley Creek Elementary School in Kamloops, BC, who recently purchased a BigSteelBox.

Heffley Creek Elementary School bought their BigSteelBox for a very specific reason – to create a Play Pod for their students!

The BigSteelBox has been transformed on the outside with beautiful artwork that was designed and painted by local artist, Joey Nash. The children also helped with the paint job under Joey's direction.

On the inside, the Play Pod is stocked with a wide variety of toys and art supplies, all of which were donated by the community.

The students (Kindergarten to Grade 4) operate as one "community classroom", and during their lunch breaks, the children have free reign over their Play Pod. And, when their lunch period is over, all the children work together to put everything back in the Play Pod for the next day. Such a great idea!

If you'd like to purchase a BigSteelBox to turn it into your own creation, give us a call at 1-800-373-1187.

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