How Does a Car Get on Top of a BigSteelBox?

We often post photos of vehicles displayed on top of BigSteelBoxes at various events, but we’ve never really explained how the car gets on top of the Box. So, if you’ve ever wondered how a car gets up there, this one’s for you!

It’s simple really. A special rack is used to hold the car on top of the Box. Sometimes the car will be raised onto the rack and then lifted onto the Box, and other times the rack will be secured to the Box first and then the car craned onto the rack afterwards – is all depends on the size of the vehicle. 

Because a BigSteelBox is made of corten corrugated steel it’s strong enough to hold a vehicle - you can’t do this with aluminum moving boxes. It’s just more proof that BigSteelBox shipping containers can stand up to just about anything!

Car displayed on top of a BigSteelBox

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